Primary Care Support England

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) Stakeholder bulletin; May 2016

NHS England has asked PCSE to change the way primary care support services are provided to make services consistent, more efficient and ultimately better for primary care providers. PCSE is introducing a national service, which replaces the range of diverse local arrangements that were previously delivered in an inconsistent way.

PCSE recently launched the first national services: Supplies Management and Medical Records Movement. We’re closely monitoring feedback from the primary care community through the changes, and we’re sorry for the difficulties some customers have experienced as the new services embed. We’re working with NHS England to develop and improve services as changes are introduced.

Contacting PCSE

Following the launch of two national services, the Customer Support Centre has recently seen an increase in the volume of queries. As a result, customers calling the Support Centre may not have received the level of service we expect to provide, for which we apologise.

We’ve increased staff numbers in the Customer Support Centre, invested in further staff training, and introduced a menu to help direct calls.

During May, we‘ll set up dedicated, specialist teams within the Support Centre who will be able to respond to queries on specific services quickly and effectively.

These changes have significantly improved our call answering times and help our customers get through to the right people to answer their queries first time.

Medical records

A key feature of the new medical records movement service will ensure that records will be fully tracked. We’re currently piloting this approach in West Yorkshire, where individually bagged and labelled records are being collected from practices and delivered directly to their end destination. Once the pilot has successfully completed, we’ll roll out this full service nationally.

In the interim, practices outside of West Yorkshire now have a new weekly records collection and delivery service. Practices have been asked to place individual records into the new shipping bags provided, but do not need to use tracking labels at this stage.

Records are being processed at a central PCSE office, where they are labelled and forwarded securely to their end destination. This follows the previous practice of returning records back to local PCSE offices for sorting and distribution. Working with NHS England, we’ve ensured that appropriate information governance arrangements are in place for moving and processing medical records during this phase, prior to rolling out the full new service. As we work to implement the new service, this interim process does take longer, so thank you for bearing with us. However, when the new service is fully implemented the process will be more efficient.

If practices have not yet had a collection of records from CitySprint, and have previously had a collection service from PCSE, they should let us know by emailing and put ‘Records collections query’ in the subject line.

Updates on the roll-out of the new service are posted on our ‘How to move records‘ page and the help section provides answers to the frequently asked questions from our service users.


In March, PCSE introduced a national online approach for ordering controlled stationery and supplies. The new portal is now taking over 1300 supplies orders a day and orders are being delivered via CitySprint. Over 85% of practices nationally are now registered to use the portal.

You can access the portal using the Login page. If any practice needs support with registering or accessing the portal, they should email and put ‘Portal registration support needed’ in the subject line.

Whilst the new national service is embedding, we’ve experienced some initial challenges around significantly larger volumes of orders being placed, and the quantities of supplies being ordered. We’re working closely with NHS England and the supply chain to rectify any stock issues. In response to customer feedback, we’ll shortly update the online catalogue to improve the description of items, as well as refine unit quantities to ensure more appropriate amounts are provided.

Relocating services delivered by local PCSE offices in May and June

Most of our customers receive services from a range of local PCSE offices. By early 2017, the Customer Support Centre will be the point of contact for all queries on all PCSE services.

As part of our plans for the future, we’re relocating the services delivered by a number of our local offices this May and June (2016). In May, services will relocate from our Doncaster, Liverpool, Maidstone and York offices. And in June, services will relocate from our London (Kirk House and Stephenson House), Reading and former SBS Devizes and Cornwall offices. We’ll write out to service users of these offices to provide the new contact details.

Visit our timetable showing when contact will move from each of our local offices (including legacy NHS SBS and Serco arrangements) to the Customer Support Centre.

Get involved in developing services

In order to provide services that are easy to use and interact with, PCSE would like to involve our service users in ongoing service development. Find out more about providing feedback to help us develop and improve current and future services.

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