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Clinical Governance at PCSE

Clinical governance is at the centre of our culture and the way we deliver our services on behalf of NHS England. It allows us to continually improve the way we work and the outcomes we achieve.

The PCSE clinical governance team is made up of experienced clinicians, and is responsible for:

  • actively reviewing all PCSE processes to ensure that they are safe, and to assess if they can be improved or made even safer
  • working with the PCSE service transformation teams to help design even better and even more secure systems to drive the future of high quality primary care in England
  • identifying problems before they happen and dealing with them quickly and efficiently if they do
  • ensuring everyone in the PCSE team understands how important their work is to patients, carers and healthcare providers

Every single member of PCSE staff receives regular training on Clinicial Governance.


Meet some of the team


Shah Faisal

Shah Faisal

Chief Medical Officer for Capita Health & Welfare

I lead the H&W Clinical Governance Team in ensuring the delivery of high quality services to our clients and service users.

My background is in General Medicine, Occupational Health and Disability Assessment Medicine. I have been working for commercial organisations since 2006 which deliver benefit assessments in the UK. I have worked for Capita PIP since 2017 and took on the role of Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Health and Welfare, that also covers PCSE, in December 2020.

As CMO, the role of PCSE is very important to me as it is helping to provide primary care in England and the important activities PCSE team have to manage to deliver high standard of services. All of those activities in the end, help result in individual patients getting the care they need, when they need it and where they need it.


Laura Erskine

Laura Erskine

Clinical Director for Capita Health & Welfare

I oversee clinical risk management for Capita’s Health and Welfare sector as well as supporting with clinical change, improvement, training and engagement of all service lines.

I’ve been a qualified Occupational Therapist over ten years specialising in mental health assessment and intervention. I joined Capita in 2013 as a Disability Assessor for Capita’s Personal Independence Payments (PIP) contract  and worked my way up to Clinical Improvement Lead. I bring a breadth of NHS, Corporate and Quality Improvement experience to achieve better outcomes for our clients. In my role as Clinical Director, I provide clinical advice and guidance to the business particularly around safeguarding concerns, and support Shah in his role as CMO to ensure quality is a big focus in all health and welfare contracts.

I am home-based, but there is never a dull moment! I can be responding to clinical queries, engaging with our key clients NHS and DWP, training clinicians, investigating incidents, writing business cases for change, supporting my team, participating in safeguarding huddles, and much much more. Sometimes I even manage a coffee in between all that.


Lindsey Fannin

Lindsey Fannin

Clinical Governance Specialist for Capita Health & Welfare

As Clinical Governance Specialist, I lead into and support the Clinical Director with all clinical governance queries, incidents and management of within all PCSE service lines. My responsibilities are varied and include monitoring the clinical governance mailbox, managing real time response for call agents on TEAMS for any CG incidents, issues or potential risks, meeting with service lines across PCSE and contributing to their needs in a supportive, and informative manner. 

I worked as a Financial Consultant for 13 years before training to become a paramedic. After 5 years ‘on the road’, I was seconded to Complaints Manager within the Ambulance Service and discovered that an administrative role combining my clinical knowledge and my people skills was where I should be. I moved to Capita in February 2018 as a Disability Assessor, then into a more specialised role within PIP in September 2019 and I'm now a member of the PCSE CG team.

PCSE is very broad and many things must be handled at once whilst always on the lookout for what is coming down the line. This is a really exciting opportunity for the Clinical Governance team to bring all of our unique experiences and expertise together and produce an effective, efficient world where we all work collaboratively. 



Dr Charles Young

Senior Medical Officer for Capita

I head up the Clinical Governance team, and I am Senior Medical Officer for Capita Plc. I lead a team of 1500 clinicians who work across a broad range of contracts delivering vital health services at national levels in the UK and internationally. I am responsible for the clinical governance framework for the company, the clinical aspects of our corporate health strategy, and collectively we support the care of over 320 million people around the world each day.

My background is as an emergency physician, and I still work one day each week (Thursdays), at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, looking after our patients and teaching the clinical teams. For the last 20 years I have spent most of my time working for commercial organisations which support or deliver healthcare in the UK and globally. I have been working for PCSE since March 2017.

My days are very varied – which is the way I like them! I enjoy noticing where my different types of work overlap and where they can support each other. The range of different activities at Capita is truly amazing and presents great opportunities for different parts of our business to support each other.

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