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What's coming

We are continually working with the following organisations to improve and make the services we provide more efficient:

  • NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI)
  • NHSX
  • NHS Digital

These are the areas we are working in to improve primary care services: 



Pharmacy Market Management Services

PCSE is expanding its services for Pharmacies this Spring. As well as the current market entry applications already processed by PCSE, we manage consolidation applications too. Later this year we will also be taking on Market Exit applications.

To reflect the additional services, we have changed the name of our Market Entry service to Pharmacy Market Management Services (PMMS). Visit our dedicated Pharmacy Market Management Services pages here



Online GP Payments and Pensions Service

The online Payments and Pensions Service launched on 1 June 2021. This provides GPs, GP Practices and Commissioners with a simpler and more efficient way to manage payments and pensions administration.

We’ve designed a system that makes it easier to submit GP Pension information and provides transparency which will enable users to:

  • track the progress of their information
  • submit and manage NHS Pensions for Type 1 and 2 Practitioners and Locums
  • check all their pension details are correct

The service will also make it simpler to submit, track and view GP Practice payments. The online system provides online validation and highlight any missing information which is likely to:

  • reduce Practice’s workload when submitting information for payments
  • reduce the risk of error from manual re-entry
  • improve the accuracy of payments



Digitisation of Medical Records 

We are working with our NHS colleagues to introduce a digital solution for when the transfer of electronic records fail for GP practice records, as part of the wider NHS digitisation project.

Currently, there is a 20% failure rate of these transfers which is addressed by printing the digital record and moving the physical record to the new GP practice via the PCSE logistics service.