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Clinical Governance at PCSE

The Department of Health defines clinical governance as:

‘The framework through which organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in healthcare will flourish.’ (Department of Health)

The principles of clinical governance apply to all who provide or manage healthcare services and achieving effective clinical governance should be a priority for any organisation working in healthcare.

The PCSE clinical governance team

Clinical governance is at the centre of our culture and the way we deliver our services on behalf of NHS England. Clinical governance allows us to continually improve the way we work and the outcomes we achieve.

The PCSE clinical governance team is made up of experienced clinicians, and is responsible for:

  • ensuring everyone in the PCSE team understands how important their work is to patients, carers and healthcare providers
  • actively reviewing all PCSE processes to ensure that they are safe, and to assess if they can be improved or made even safer
  • identifying problems before they happen and dealing with them quickly and efficiently if they do
  • working with the PCSE service transformation teams to help design even better and even more secure systems to drive the future of high quality primary care in England.



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Our people


Find out more about the work of our Clinical Governance team with A day in the life of…

Marina Quick, Clinical Governance Lead

  • I started in PCSE in September 2017

  • I’m a Registered Nurse, so please feel free to call me Nurse Quick! After spending 12 years in the NHS at the sharp end of care delivery I moved to an office job. I worked for Bupa Clinical Service for just over 12 years. I then worked for the General Medical Council (GMC), the UK regulator for Doctors. I was accountable for the assessment centre and testing of all Doctors, which included International Medical Graduates and Doctors under fitness to practice assessment. Clinical Governance has always been a key component of my work

  • The main reason I took the Clinical Governance Lead role in PCSE is because I believe I can make a difference

The Clinical Governance team includes myself and Dr Charles Young who work closely together on all PCSE clinical governance activities. We are also recruiting a team of external advisers who will advise us as necessary. My role is to be the go-to person for the full PCSE team for any possible clinical problems or questions, and to use my clinical and governance experience to help optimise PCSE clinical processes and resolve any problems that may arise

I need to be flexible and I doubt any two days will be the same, I can’t say I have a typical day yet…. I’ve begun work on several Clinical Governance focused activities including our education programme and incident management

Understanding all about PCSE and how I can support everyone to ensure we enhance and maintain our high service standards. I’ve identified that there are several general challenges for us all in PCSE such as the multitude of systems, the varied high number of stakeholders, and of course the significant impact we have on the health and wellbeing of all people

I think meeting with other colleagues in PCSE must be flagged as high points, everyone I have met has such passion and motivation, I feel really privileged to be working with such amazing people

Flexibility, Clinical knowledge and GRIT. But if you let me have more than three words I would say that our ability to spot clinical risk and help with optimising processes using our specialist skill, knowledge and experience is what makes us able to contribute to the work of PCSE in a critical and unique way.


Dr. Charles Young, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Charles Young, Chief Medical Officer

My background is as an emergency physician, and I still work one day each week (Thursdays), at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, looking after our patients and teaching the clinical teams. For the last 20 years I have spent most of my time working for commercial organisations which support or deliver healthcare in the UK and globally. I have been working for Capita for 4 years and for PCSE since March 2017. The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) role for PCSE is extremely interesting to me because of the national importance of PCSE in helping to provide primary care in England, and the amazing variety of activities the PCSE Team have to manage to achieve that. All of those activities in the end, help result in individual patients getting the care they need, when they need it and where they need it.

The Clinical Governance team comprises myself and Marina Quick, our Clinical Governance Lead, plus a team of external advisers. A small team, but perfectly formed!

My days are very varied – which is the way I like them! As well as working as CMO for PCSE, I am also CMO for another part of Capita (Healthcare Decisions) and Senior Medical Officer for the Capita Group overall. My days are always a mixture of all of those roles and I enjoy noticing where my different types of work overlap and where they can support each other. The range of different activities at Capita is truly amazing and presents great opportunities for different parts of our business to support each other.

The main challenges with being CMO for PCSE involve understanding the different service lines from a clinical, operational, and commercial perspective and working-out how those sets of requirements can be managed together to allow us to support excellent healthcare.

The real highlights of my role are meeting the broader team at PCSE and working with them to address challenges together and to drive improvements in what we do. Everywhere I go I have met people who want to make a difference, and are committed to the PCSE mission to provide services that underpin the NHS in delivering high quality primary care for patients

My phone – I travel a lot and work at many different sites and I want to keep in touch and be as accessible as possible.

I used to do a lot of ice-climbing and have spent many months climbing mountains in the Arctic.