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National Engagement Team (NET)

We recognise that moving to a national delivery model creates a need for locally based staff who can provide an ongoing point of local contact for those things that aren’t transactional and rely on local relationships and local contact.

The PCSE National Engagement Team (NET) fulfils this purpose. The team is made up of the Director of NET, ten Regional Liaison Managers and 32 Local Training Managers.

Introducing the NET              

Director of the National Engagement Team

Guy Dickie leads the NET and provides a point of contact for national bodies and organisations.

Regional Liaison Managers

Our ten Regional Liaison Managers link to local and regional statutory bodies as an ongoing point of contact. They will provide briefings on forthcoming changes, take feedback on the performance of services locally, make sure that any local problems are understood, and ensure that any appropriate actions are taken.

Local Training Managers

Our local Training Managers have two roles:

1.     Firstly, they are here to deliver the PCSE services that have a local face to face element:

a.     Face to face checks of identity and document verification that are a part of the Performers List process;

b.    Organisation and administration of appeals that are part of the pharmacy Market Entry process.

2.     Secondly, they are local resources to help practices adapt to new ways of accessing PCSE services.

Contacting PCSE

Your main point of contact for PCSE is the Customer Support Centre. Please see our contact us page for details on how to get in touch.

Contacting NET

If you’d like to talk to someone about the changes that are planned for primary care support services, or if you’re a practice that would like some training and support, you can contact your local NET representative. Download a full list of contact details for our NET representatives.