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Service transformation developments

NHS England’s vision for primary care support services is to transform locally managed operations into a modern and efficient national customer-focused service.

PCSE is committed to helping NHS England achieve this vision by:

  • Moving the delivery of all services - from over 40 local offices to a smaller number of sites
  • Operating a national Customer Support Centre - providing a single phone number for all customer queries
  • Standardising the way each service is delivered - ensuring all our customers get a consistent experience
  • Investing in new IT systems - enabling automation of many processes and tasks, reducing manual entry by PCSE staff, and minimizing paper use by service users 
  • Introducing an online portal - giving customers easier access to our services, with self-service options
  • Using one national courier firm, CitySprint – to securely deliver all supplies and paper medical records to our customers.

 Planning for how we will achieve transformation across PCSE services is now underway.

Customer Support Centre


We have opened a national Customer Support Centre for all customer queries. Details on how to contact PCSE can be found on our Contact Us page.

National Engagement Team


We have setup dedicated local teams to provide on the ground support for our service users and to deliver face-to-face elements of our service such as Performers Lists identification checks. More information on the National Engagement Team.

Medical Records Movement

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We are introducing a new process for securely moving medical records between GP practices or into long-term storage where needed.  The new service will use modern technology to provide a faster, safer way to manage and track the movement of paper medical records.

Security and patient confidentiality are paramount. All records for movement will be sealed individually in tamper-proof shipping bags, and we will use just one dedicated courier service, Citysprint, who will scan records, enabling them to be tracked from collection to delivery. This ensures patient confidentiality, reduces IG risks and improves security of patient data.

The PCSE portal will enable GP practices to:

  • See up-to-date information on records to be collected from and delivered to their practice.
  • Upload GMS3 forms (temporary resident forms)
  • Order additional or replacement tracking labels
  • Report issues

Supplies Management


We have introduced an online supplies management portal, for quick and easy supply ordering and tracking.

Ophthalmic Payments


The existing GOS forms are being re-designed and we are working towards the introduction of an electronic GOS solution.  The new developments will introduce three options of submitting GOS forms:

  1. The electronic solution, referred to as eGOS*, will provide an interface between Practice Management Systems (PMS) and PCSE systems.  Customer information will be populated directly from the details already captured in the PMS, which will allow claims to be submitted with electronic signatures, removing any requirement for hard copy, handwritten paper forms. The forms will be automatically validated and practices will be able to see the status of each claim on the PMS.

* Please note: eGOS is the name for PCSE’s brand new electronic GOS service and shouldn’t be confused with a past electronic solution on Open Exeter.

  1. The PCSE portal will offer a web-based option for submitting GOS forms online for those practices that don’t have an integrated PMS system. Customer details will be submitted via the portal and practices will be required to obtain a handwritten signature via a signature book which will be kept locally in the practice.
  1. The re-designed GOS paper forms will allow claims to either be handwritten or entered in programmable PDFs, which can be printed locally in practices and then mailed to PCSE, which will enable bulk scanning by PCSE.  The information required for the forms will remain largely unchanged, it is just the layout and look that will be updated. 

Performers Lists


We are introducing a simple, online service for submitting and tracking performer list applications.  All applications will be made online, through the PCSE portal, instead of via a paper-based application form. 

Applicants will be able to submit supporting documentation online and check the status of their application too.  Where required, the PCSE National Engagement Team (NET) will carry out face-to-face identity checks.

A self-service function will enable performers to confirm or amend their own details (e.g. change of address or status) via the portal as and when required. 

Overall, the move from paper-based applications and change notifications to online will create a more simplified, quicker process.

Download more information including the benefits of the new service here

Pharmacy Market Entry


The new approach for pharmacy applications will see the replacement of multiple forms with one single online application, accessible via the PCSE portal.

We want to create a straightforward online application process that is automatically checked for completeness before applications are submitted.

Applications will be visible online, allowing their progress to be viewed and tracked.

GP Payments & Pensions

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We will introduce an automated, efficient and easy to use online payments and pensions service for GP practices.

The PCSE online self-service portal will help GP practices to manage cash flow by providing a straightforward way to submit multiple claims, access pension information, look up payment statements and view expected payment dates.

Electronic processes and online validation will improve the quality of information provided and accuracy of payments.

Download more information including the benefits of the new service here

Screening Administrative Support

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Our aim is to design and implement a system that will simplify some of the steps in the cervical screening call/recall process, to ensure we deliver the most effective screening administration support service for the screening community.

The current NHAIS database and Open Exeter interface will be replaced by a single database accessed via the PCSE online portal. 

Much of the functionality in the system will be familiar, but the portal will have a different look and feel to Open Exeter and will be more intuitive to use.  

Download more information including the benefits of the new service here