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Screening: Online Enquiry Form

Yes, if you select an option where there is a requirement to submit a form/document you will be provided with the option to upload and attach the relevant documentation as part of your submission.

The online form supports these various types of uploads, bmp, doc, docx, gif, jpg, pdf, png, rtf, tif, txt, xls, xlsx, ods, odt.

However, the most frequently used file types which are recommended are pdf and excel files.

The maximum file size per attachment is 3.2MB.

The form will allow you to upload a maximum of five documents.

Please see the FAQ below re. Cease/defer/reinstate requests.

Can I send multiple cease/defer/reinstate requests on one submission?

To ensure we can create a unique case reference number for each enquiry of this type, you should only send one cease/defer/reinstate request per online form. 

Please do not attach multiple cease/defer/reinstate requests for different patients on the same online form submission.

The internet browsers supported are:

  • Chrome - v30 and later
  • Firefox - v27 and later
  • Internet Explorer - v11
  • Opera - v17
  • Safari - v5 on iOS and v7 on OS X

An acknowledgement email will be sent to the email address you provided in your submission.  You should receive the acknowledgement email within two hours of submitting the form during office hours.  If you do not receive an email, please first check to see if it is in your ‘Junk’ email folder.  If it isn’t there, please re-submit your enquiry on the online form.

The enquiry form is accessible on the 'Contact us' page of the PCSE website. Select the relevant category type from the list of ‘Screening’ options on the drop down menu.  

Public Health England will be providing standardised forms for cease, reinstate and deferral requests that will be available to download from the PCSE Cervical Screening for GPs and Nurses page, under section 3.

Please ensure you are entering the post code for the main contact of your organisation.  For example, if you work in a satellite office of a Screening and Immunisation Team, please enter the main office post code.

Please select the department/organisation that you work in.  It is important you select the correct option to enable us to carry out the necessary identification and verification checks to ensure we only respond to authorised contacts in your organisation.

If you work in a laboratory, sexual health or colposcopy clinic or Screening and Immunisation Team, you should have received a message from PCSE requesting you send your main contact and additional users to us so that we can register them on on our system. 

If you have not received this message or haven’t replied, please ensure you complete the relevant spreadsheet below and return it asap to:

sara.seedat@nhs.net AND paul.roberts4@capita.co.uk

Colposcopy & laboratory contacts

Screening and Immunisation Team contacts

If you are in a GP practice, the main contact/super user will be able to add or amend additional users through the User Management section of PCSE Online. We would encourage you to check the named contacts that are currently included under your organisation registration and update accordingly.  You can find further information about how to add or amend users in your practice here.

The online form will provide the quickest possible response time to your query and we would encourage you to use it. 

For a period of time during the transition of our users to the online form, we will continue to monitor the current cervical screening email inboxes, however at a future date we plan to close those email addresses so that all queries should come through the online form.

We will give sufficient notice to advise when the email addresses will no longer be monitored.

For any organisation providing cervical screening services that is not a GP Practice* (e.g. laboratory, colposcopy clinic, screening and immunisation team etc), please read this guidance about adding or amending the contacts you have registered with PCSE.

1. The main contact for the organisation can submit a request to update a contact via the online enquiry form.

  • Simply go to the Contact Us page on the PCSE website
  • Select ‘Screening – General Enquiry from the drop down menu under Enquiries
  • When you are completing the online form, enter ‘Updated Contact Details’ in the ‘Type of Query’ field
  • Under ‘Enquiry Details’ please provide the name(s) of the contact(s) that need updating.
  • Submit the form to either add or remove contacts for the organisation

2. The main contact for the organisation can call the PCSE Customer Support Centre (CSC) to either add or remove contacts for the organisation.

The Customer Support Centre is open from 8:00-17:00, Monday to Friday.

Phone: 0333 014 2884

3. The PCSE Screening Team will contact laboratories approximately every six months to ask them to provide the current contacts for their organisation and confirm if there are any changes to be made. If there are, the main contact will be asked to update the information on a spreadsheet and return it to PCSE to be added/amended.

*Please note: GP Practices can find further information about adding and amending additional contacts on the Registering for PCSE Online FAQs.