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This section addresses questions from Accountants accessing PCSE Online to process Type 1 certificates and Type 2 forms on behalf of GPs.

If the GP isn't assigned to the practice, the accountant is associated with then they will not be able to complete the certificate. The GP is required to update their Performer List information

Queries will still be submitted via the enquiry form and will be picked up by the Pensions queries team.

Yes, you can save your progress, as a draft. You will need to go into the listing screen and access any draft forms.

Yes, you will need to go into the listing screen and access any draft forms.

There is no import facility, so forms will need to be created manually one at a time. 

Yes, revised certificates can be submitted for Type 1 and Type 2 practitioners.

If the accountancy firm are dealing with that individuals affairs, then they will have been given access to their other earnings i.e. SOLO/Locum work.

You should be able to see any previous versions and the current version and is maintained on a listing screen.

NHAIS will no longer be populated.

If a GP fills out the form on the online solution, this will go straight into the system and the pensions operational team will undertake a number of validation checks to either approve or reject the certificates.

The PCSE operational team also have access to key forms directly into the solution should this be required.

The system will be available from 1 June 2021, so the next release of annual certifications and self assessment forms will be able to be done online.

If a GP has any previous missing certificates that they need to submit for the last 7 years back to 2014/15, they can submit in PCSE Online.

Double collections won't be taken, but in the event that a further adjustment is required due to a resubmission of a certificate, the difference will be adjusted and the latest version updated on POL to reflect the earnings.

Yes, GP SOLO information will be pre-populated on the form. We wouldn't be able to process the form due to inaccuracies and the internal team would reject the form.

Within the Type 2 form, there is an option to search by practice code if the practice doesn't appear for them. This allows submission against a practice we may not hold.

The annualisation calculator is not built into the solution.

PCSE are only responsible for administrating GP Pensions for those GPs based in England.