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Getting access

The new online services are easily accessed by going to www.pcse.england.nhs.uk and click Log In.

No, PCSE Online is a secure web based system that uses encrypted communications. Access to PCSE Online is controlled through Role Based Access Control and these roles are both assigned and managed by a super user within the practice.

A ‘super user’ or ‘user administrator is the person at the practice who has the GPP User Management role. PCSE has been in touch with these individuals and will set up the first GP Payments and Pensions user administrator for each practice, writing to the main contact at each practice 24th May to advise who this is. From 1st June the super user can give other users the GPP User Management role and create more super users within the practice.

You are not the user administrator at your practice for these services. If you believe this is incorrect, contact our user registration team pcse.userregistration@nhs.net

Yes, one user can be the user administrator or super user for Medical Records and Supplies as well as Performers List and GP Payments and Pensions.

Yes. The user administrator will decide who is given which roles, this includes themselves.

Yes, you can have up to four user administrators.

There is an Accountant role for you to give access to an accountant to view and complete end of year pensions admin, however the GP or Practice will need to click the submit button.

No, all GPs already have PCSE Online accounts due to the Performers List. GPs with active assignments on the Performers List will be given the roles they need for the practice they are linked to. This includes both Salaried and Principal GPs.

If the GP isn’t linked to the practice they are working at then they have not updated the Performers List. They need to log in to PCSE Online, click Performers List and update their details. After they have done this, users at the practice with the PL Practice Manager role will be asked to review and confirm the change.

If a GP cannot remember their PCSE Online password, to https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/ and click log in. Follow the ‘forgot password’ instructions. The GP’s username is their GMC registered email address.

PCSE can see all users set up for your practice. You can also search for individual users at the practices to see what roles they already have. There is a change planned for 2021 for user administrators to be able to see a summary of all users at the practice.

Not from launch. The PCN hierarchy doesn’t yet exist for access so access is granted on a practice by practice basis. Users can be given roles at multiple practices.

When creating or updating a PCSE Online user account, there is a table that lists all the roles you can assign. Tick the box next to the role and click create/update to assign the role.

The user will already have a PCSE Online account. Go back to the User Management home page and search for them using the email address. You can add additional roles to their existing account.

You do not need to add any GPs. They have existing accounts and their new GP Pensions and Payments roles will be added automatically.

Contact PCSE.UserRegistration@nhs.net. The team will need to do a series of security checks before setting up a new user administrator.

If your practice has no user administrator or your user administrator is not able to assign any GP Payments and Pensions roles, please follow the processes below:


To set up a GP Payments and Pensions User Administrator

This form is to be used if your practice does not have a user administrator.

Download the GP Payments and Pensions User Administrator Certification form here, complete and return to pcse.user-registration@nhs.net.

Once the GPPP User Administrator is set up, they will be able to set up other GPPP User Admins and assign the roles below. 


To assign GP Payments and Pensions roles

This form is to be used if your practice has no user administrator or your user administrator is unable to assign the roles below:

  • View Claims
  • Claims Admin
  • Statements
  • Practice Estimates and salary change
  • Locum Applications
  • AVCs
  • Joiners and Leavers
  • Special Leavers

Download the PCSE Online GPPP User Certification Form for GP Practices here, complete and return to pcse.user-registration@nhs.net.