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Locum A&B

It is NHS Pensions who set the rules for the Pension Scheme. PCSE is required to implement the rules that are set. 

If you try to submit forms that do not comply with the 10 week rule on PCSE Online you will see an error message explaining the income cannot be pensioned. If you submit forms via the contact us form that do not comply with the 10 week rule you will receive an email explaining the income cannot be pensioned.

PCSE will inform NHS England that the payment needs to be refunded to you. The NHS England Finance Team is responsible for processing any such refunds.

You need to submit a separate Locum A and B form for September 2022 and October 2022 due to the changes to contribution tier rates that apply from 1 October.

Locums have the option to continue using ‘offline’ versions of Locum A forms, however using PCSE Online for both Locum A & B forms means they’ll have a clear audit trail and know how much they need to pay each month. We will be encouraging uptake; however it would also be helpful to raise awareness.

Locum A and B processes are only for Pensions admin and are not related to invoicing or reimbursement of locum cover costs.

When a Locum GP submits their Locum A form, the practice user with Locum Approver role is sent a notification with the Locum A details, and they can use this email to approve or reject the Locum A.

This notification has Approve or Reject buttons in the body of the email to save the practice having to log in and approve. If the practice is viewing the notification via their desktop then they need to have their desktop email client set as the default app for email, otherwise the approve and reject buttons won’t work.

If they’re viewing their email through a web browser or mobile device then they need to log in to approve.

The issue for desktop/laptops can be resolved by following the process below:


  • Close Outlook, then open Control Panel on your laptop/desktop - type Control Panel in the search box on the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen
  • Choose Programs then Default Programs
  • Click on Associate a file type or protocol with a program
  • In the email section of Choose default apps, check if Outlook is set as the default app
  • If it's not Outlook, just click the button and choose Outlook from the options listed
  • Close Control Panel
  • Open Outlook 

Open the email again, and you should now be able to click approve or reject.