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It remains the responsibility of the GP to keep the Performers List entry to date to ensure they can work in England. The user at the practice with the PL Practice Manager role is involved in the approval of changes which involve the practice. The Practice Manager cannot initiate the change.

It is dependent on everyone completing their actions e.g. for Principal GPs; the GP submits the change, the practice approves, the CCG approves. The change is reflected in PCSE Online straight away.

Check the PCSE Website first. The website had guides and links to other resources which may help to resolve your query. If you don’t find the answer to your question you can call the PCSE Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884

The Customer Support Centre is the frontline team who can resolve simple queries. They are responsible for any queries relating to Open Exeter, PCSE Online, Supplies and will soon take responsibility of User Registration and User Management. For more complex queries they create a case and assign this to the specialist service line teams.

All user accounts will be set up when the system is live, not before. If it’s a new PCSE Online account, users will be sent an email asking them to click a link to verify their email and set up a password. If it’s an existing PCSE Online account with new roles, the user will be sent a notification to advise them they’ve been given additional roles.

Data Entry submissions feed through to Approvers in the same organisation. There are two roles in the system, Data Entry – which is the first tier of approval, and Approver – which is the second and final tier of approval. Data Entry person has a ‘submit’ button, Approver has to choose either Approve, Reject or Delete from a drop down list. There’s a guide here if you’d like to see how it works. Roles have already been agreed for each commissioner and are ready to be set up 1 June. Note – those with the Approver role can do both the Data Entry and Approval activities if needed.

All organisations in the system are either a ‘parent’ or ‘child’ of another organisation, to control who needs to approve what. Everyone with the Data Entry role within the commissioner will receive an email notification whenever there’s an activity within their organisation ‘family’ that requires review or approval.

After validation, users with the Approver role can complete the second tier of review and approval. As with the Data Entry role all users in the organisation with the Approver role will be notified.

PCSE Online is replacing NHAIS for GP Payments. Completing the claim in PCSE Online is the equivalent of inputting it straight into NHAIS. Meaning after approval the payment is added to the next payment run.

PCSE can see a full audit trail of which user accounts have completed which actions. This is not currently available to external parties.

When processing a Locum Upload, the Locum Upload CSV Template Column C is labelled "EA Code".

In this column you should enter your PCSE Organisation Code.

If you do not know what this code is for your Locum Chambers, please refer to the previous correspondence sent in June 2021 with this information.

When processing a Solo Upload, the Solo Upload CSV Template Column C is labelled "EA Code".

In this column you should enter your PCSE Organisation Code.

If you do not know what this code is for your OOH Providers then please utilise the ODS Portal or contact your Finance Officer.