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We have produced a new guide to help you understand why pension contributions might not reflect what you're expecting. 

Topics covered include:

  • Information on how to resolve various queries
  • Answers to key questions about why there might be changes in contributions
  • How to complete a joiner/leaver form


Non-GP partners are not given roles automatically as they aren’t on the performers list, however your practice user administrator for GP Payments and Pensions can give them the Non-GP partner role from 1 June.

Please submit the certificate or pay evidence for the financial year these contribution relate to, to the PCSE pensions team. We will then review the detail, and make any adjustments to ensure your pension record if fully up to date.  

The GP can download either CSV or a PDF of their employee contribution statements on PCSE online. They can also download a PDF of any forms they have filled in via the solution.

Yes, GPs will be able to see the last 7 years data back to 2014/15. The system will show 6 previous financial years plus the current financial year.

Currently Practice Managers are unable to view contribution statements but we are looking into this to make it possible.

Each GP can download a copy of their statement and provide it to the Practice Manager or their Accountant.