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Statements and Claims

Yes. PCSE Online statements are easily exported, either as a PDF or CSV, and either as an ‘expanded’ detailed statement or a ‘collapsed’ summary. Once exported they can be printed. 6 whole years of Open Exeter statements, plus the statements year to date, are being migrated to PCSE Online.

Statements can be downloaded as CSV files. You may need to save the CSV as a different file type (save as, change the file type, save) to be compatible with external software.

No, PCSE Online is how you view the statements, any queries about the statement either need to be raised with your commissioner (CCG or NHS England) or the PCSE team by either calling the Customer Support Centre or raising a case through the enquiries form on our website.

Commissioners have a source document explaining all the active paycodes. Practice statements list all payment amounts along with the paycode as well as a description of the paycode.

Yes, you are required to upload evidence for claims, so a bill or an invoice would be suitable for this.

Claims can be managed outside of the claims process. Your CCG or NHS England regional team will advise you when they would like you to start submitting claims using PCSE Online.

Yes, paycodes are determined by claim type and contract type. The practice will choose the claim type and behind the scenes PCSE Online will look at the contract type and assign the correct paycode.

Cost rents and LA Economic rents, Health Centre rent, Health Centre rates, Premises service charge, Water rates, Non-domestic rates, Actual rents, Disposal of clinical waste, Matts claims and Locum cover costs. Anything outside of this is dealt with outside of the Claims process in PCSE Online.

Yes, but a wide range of file types are accepted. The maximum file size is 3.2MB. PCSE Online will tell you if a file is incompatible or too large.

Commissioners are notified immediately but will let you know timescales for approval once the Claims process is in use and embedded.

Yes, notifications are both emails and a message inside PCSE Online once you’ve logged in.

The claim cannot be submitted without all mandatory information, reducing any errors and chasers. The end to end process is shorter as the claim is added to the payment run once approved and does not require PCSE staff to be involved.

If your global sum payment is calculated by the system, the capitation information can be found on your contractual payment statement under the ‘GMS/PMS/APMS Contract value’ section. However, if you are a A/PMS practice and your commissioner calculates the payment,  then the capitation data for the 21/22 financial year is not currently available to view. If you require capitation data you can ask your commissioner to provide this information.

You will however be able to see the data from the start of the next financial year as long as your commissioner uses the A/PMS baseline functionality.