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What's changing

In this section, we look at questions about the change from the existing to the online services.

PCSE Online will be used to calculate and administer practice payments as well as administer GP pensions. This solution is part of the overall project to decommission NHAIS, providing a more modern and adaptable platform.


The system will be available to access from 1 June 2021.


No, NHAIS will no longer be used to calculate practice payments or administer GP pensions. Any current data feeds into Open Exeter will feed into PCSE Online from 1 June to avoid the risk of duplicated payments.


This change only applies to GP Payments functionality, which is moving from Open Exeter to PCSE Online 1 June 2021.

Historically NHAIS (or Exeter) has served as the payment engine with Open Exeter being a web-based interface. PCSE Online will become the payment engine and, as it is web-based, it will also serve as the interface. Open Exeter will remain until all services have migrated to other systems and platforms.

Find out more about Open Exeter here.


No, the enquiry forms will remain, however the system will provide more transparency either reducing the need to contact PCSE or by helping to make the first contact more meaningful.


Statements and Pensions information from the past six whole years, plus the current year to date, will be migrated to PCSE Online from Open Exeter and NHAIS.


Open Exeter will remain for nurses to see Cytology information and any other processes you complete today that are not GP Payments and Statements related.

Find out more about Open Exeter access here.


On the PCSE Website, go to Services and choose either GP Payments or GP Pensions. Choose the tile that’s relevant to you and all related guides will be found on individual pages.