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Change of bank account information

1. How do I change the bank details for my practice?

Please provide the following details to PCSE on letter headed paper* and submit to PCSE via the enquiries form, choosing 'GP Payments' as the category and type of enquiry. As you complete the secure form, please choose 'Change of practice bank details' from the Payment Query drop down.

Alternatively, you can fill in a Declaration of Banking Details form*, available here and submit to PCSE using the enquiries form.

*This must be signed by all partners at your practice.

Where feasible wet signatures should be obtained, however the below e-signature options are also acceptable:

  • ‘Upload an image’ functionality on your signing software to insert signature - A photograph (JPEG) of the wet ink signature.
  • 'Sign document by drawing a signature' using functionality within software such as Nitro, DocuSign etc to insert a signature on to a PDF.

If a practice merger occurs, you will need to advise PCSE which account the newly merged practice wishes to have their payments sent to following the process outlined above.


2. How do I change the bank details for a PCN?

The PCN needs to download this banking declaration and complete your PCN’s details and submit the form to your Commissioner. The Commissioner then needs to verify the signatures on the banking declaration form and the Commissioner contact listed on the Authorised Email List (AEL) needs to submit this to PCSE at pcse.payments@nhs.net.


Please ensure all payments have been received into your new account before closing the old account.

PCSE will then complete a procure to pay (P2P) form and submit along with the bank mandate to the NHS local team for authorisation. Once approved, the NHS local team will forward the information to NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) who action the change and notify PCSE and the NHS local team once complete.

PCSE is not responsible for changing your bank details. An instruction to do so is provided to Shared Business Services (SBS) via the NHS local team.