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Opting out and re-joining the NHS Pension Scheme

To opt out of the NHS Pension Scheme you will need to complete Part 1 of the Application to leave the NHS Pension Scheme (SD502) form, which is available to download from NHS Pensions website here.

The completed Part 1 should be sent to PCSE via the enquiries form.

PCSE will then complete Part 2 and forward Parts 1 and 2 to NHS Pensions.

NHS Pensions requires applications to leave the NHS Pension Scheme to be signed by hand and dated, to ensure that members are fully aware of the benefits being relinquished by opting out.

If your application to leave the NHS Pension Scheme is signed and received by PCSE before the end of the first pay period, the member will be treated as never having been included in the scheme. Any pension contributions taken during this period will be returned by PCSE to the practice. The practice must make arrangements to adjust any National Insurance contributions and tax accordingly

If your application to leave the NHS Pension Scheme is signed and received by PCSE after the end of the first pay period, the decision to opt out will take effect from the first day of the next pay period following receipt. If you hold under two years qualifying membership at the date of opting out and wish to claim a refund of the contributions paid, an application to request a refund of pension contributions (RF12) form must be completed and sent to PCSE.

Forms should be submitted to PCSE via the enquiries form.

You can download the RF 12 form from the NHS Pensions website here.

If you provide a later date to opt out on your application to leave the NHS Pension Scheme, the decision to opt out will be effective from the first day of the next pay period following the date given.

If you are a Practitioner who opts out you must opt out of all your practitioner related posts, but you can continue to contribute in respect of any concurrent hospital posts if you wish to do so.

In order to opt back in to the NHS Pension Scheme please contact us via the enquiries form stating that you wish to re-join the NHS Pension Scheme and ensure that you include your full name, NI number and annual salary (if a Salaried GP) or estimate of profits (if a GP Partner), GP National Code and Practice Code with the correct tier rate.


Practitioners are automatically added to the Pension Scheme when they are added as a Performer on the National Performers List.

Non-clinical partners

To join the NHS Pensions Scheme, non-clinical partners must be added to the practice.

To add a non-clinical partner:

  • Email: PCSE.Performerlists@nhs.net.
  • In the subject box please enter ‘Non Clinical Partner Request’ and provide your practice ODS code (this is a letter followed by five numbers. If you don’t know your practice ODS code, please contact the ODS Team at NHS Digital on 0300 303 4034 or via email at Exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net.)

In the body of the email, please state that you would like to add a non-clinical partner to your practice, and provide the non-clinical partner’s:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • National Insurance Number
  • Email address
  • Effective date

PCSE will contact the practice by telephone if any further information is required.

Once PCSE has processed the request, confirmation will be emailed to the non-clinical partner. The practice contact will also receive a copy of this confirmation email.

Following confirmation that the non-clinical partner has been added, the practice should submit an Estimate of Earnings to PCSE via the online enquiries form. This will ensure that accurate contirbutions can be deducted for the non-clinical partner.