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Retirement, death in service, Ill health retirement

After you have agreed your intended retirement date with NHS England you should request the AW8 form and a copy of the NHS Pensions Retirement Guide either from PCSE via the enquiries form, or download the form and guide directly from the NHS Pensions website.

This should be done approximately 4 to 6 months before the intended retirement date to enable PCSE to process the application, and to allow enough time for NHS Pensions to make the necessary payment arrangements.

Complete Parts 7 to 15 of the AW8 form with your personal details and return the form to PCSE together with any relevant certificates. Only original or certified copies of original documents are acceptable. Please ask your practice manager or another GP to sign a copy to say they have seen the original.

Forms should be submitted to PCSE via the enquiries form.

It is important that the member completes these parts including any relevant National Insurance numbers. Guidance notes for members are included at the back of AW8 form.

To be considered for Ill health retirement, you should download and complete the AW33E form which can be downloaded here

PART A should be completed by the Employing Authority

PART B should be completed by the pension scheme Member

PART C should be completed by the Occupational Health Doctor - where this is not possible, the report can be completed by your GP / Specialist

Once complete, the AW33E form should be sent to PCSE via the enquiries form.

Guidance regarding Ill health retirement is available on the AW33E form.

If you qualify for ill health retirement benefits you must complete form AW8, which can be downloaded from the NHS Pensions website here to request payment of these benefits. Once complete, the AW8 form should be sent to PCSE.

Forms should be submitted via the enquiries form.

The Member’s representative – practice or NHS local team should contact PCSE and provide:

  • Member’s full name
  • National Insurance or NHS Pension Scheme reference number (SD number) of the member if possible
  • The Member’s date of birth, date of death and place of work (preferably the practice code)
  • Details of the next of kin/legal representative, marital status, whether there are any legal dependants i.e. children
  • The next of kin/legal representative’s home address

PCSE will then send the relevant forms to be completed by the next of kin/legal representative to their home address along with a covering letter.

The forms should be completed by the next of kin/legal representative and returned to PCSE along with original/certified copies of ID documents/marriage certificate/decree absolute/civil partnership and death certificate.

Forms should be submitted to PCSE via the enquiries form.

PCSE will calculate the initial widow/widowers pension benefits and send a letter to the next of kin/legal representative confirming the amounts to be paid.

PCSE will forward this information along with the forms that have been completed by the next of kin/legal representative to the NHS Pensions who will instruct the payment of the initial pension. NHS Pensions will calculate the benefits to be paid to the next of kin/dependents and will send a letter of confirmation.

Please note, ordinarily 24 hour retirement requires pension scheme members to come back to work for no more than 16 hours per week, for the first calendar month following 24 hour retirement. During Covid-19, this rule has been temporarily suspended. This suspension allows members to return immediately to work after taking a minimum 24-hour retirement and continue their existing working commitments, or increase them, whilst they are in receipt of their full pension benefits.

For more detailed information, visit the NHSBSA website.


All Performer list processes, including 24 hour retirement, are now accessed through PCSE Online.

All GPs have been automatically registered. You've been sent a verification email, from pcse.csc-noreply@nhs.net, to set up your password. Please check your junk/spam folder. The verification email may have expired - simply click the link to generate another verification email. Click here if you need support to complete the registration process.

You can apply for 24 hour retirement by logging in to PCSE Online, navigating to the Performer List home page, and choosing "Withdrawal from Performers List" from the left hand menu.

You will need to provide at least three months' notice of your 24 hour retirement.

You will also need to upload a completed AW8 form. This can be found, along with useful guidance, on the NHSBSA website.

PCSE Online has been designed to be user-friendly. However, if you need additional support, download our Performer Management guide here, and you'll find step by step instructions on pages 20-22.