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Total Reward Statements

Total Rewards Statements (TRS) are refreshed every year by NHS Pensions.

A TRS will only be refreshed by NHS Pensions if the member has submitted complete and accurate ‘end of year’ certificates to PCSE for every year they’ve been a member of the NHS GP Pension scheme.

If the member has a certificate outstanding, Pensions Online (POL) cannot be updated and their TRS will not update beyond the previous year.

In the example above, the member has not submitted their complete and accurate 2018/19 certificate, but has submitted all subsequent years. In this scenario, their TRS will not refresh beyond 2017/18. They have four ‘missing years’ in POL, but one outstanding certificate in PCSE Online. Submitting the outstanding certificate will allow POL to be update with the subsequent years.

Log in to PCSE Online.

Navigate to the screen to submit a new Type 1 or Type 2 certificate*. When selecting a financial year you will be given a drop down list. Any years highlighted in red have not been processed by PCSE. 

Missing years drop down list

In this example, the 2014/15 and 2019/20 certificates are in red.

This means that the NHS Pensions Total Rewards Statement for this member will not be updated beyond 2013/14.

The TRS can be updated once the 2014/15 and the 2019/20 certificates are submitted and processed.

You can check the status of these certificates listed in red on the Annual Income Listing screen. 

In the example above we can see that the 2018/19 and 2020/21 certificates have not been submitted because they do not appear on this listing screen. We can also see that the 2016/17 certificate has a declarated status which means it has been submitted and is yet to be processed by PCSE.

Should any certificates have a rejected status, you can scroll right to see the reason for the rejection.

* Guidance on how to do this can be found here. You can also find helpful demonstrations on the PCSE YouTube channel.

Pensions which are deemed ‘complex’ i.e. include added years, AVCs, divorced etc. will not have an auto-generated Total Reward Statement. Statements have to be created manually and can be requested from NHS Pensions. Please contact the NHS Pensions Member Helpline on 0300 330 1346 (0044 191 2790571 if you are calling from overseas).