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General record movement queries

Practices should use the new ‘Request Movement’ area of PCSE Online to request the movement of:

  1. Records for patients no longer registered at your practice
  2. Additional notes for a record you have already returned
  3. A record you were not expecting

You’ll be asked to enter the patient’s NHS number on PCSE Online. CitySprint will deliver a tracking label for the record movement with your usual records collections and delivery. You can then put the record in a shipping bag, affix the label, and leave for CitySprint to collect.

The Home Nations has raised concerns regarding the transfer of patient records from GPs in England to GPs in Wales/Scotland and Northern Ireland. It has come to light that some GPs within these areas are receiving incomplete paper medical records in the form of empty Lloyd George envelopes from GPs in England when their patients transfer. This leads to GPs in these areas needing to request additional information and not able to understand their new patients’ needs.

As you know, the GP2GP electronic patient records transfer system does not work for people moving from England to out of area practices. GPs are thereby reminded that when patient has transferred to a GP in Wales/Scotland or Northern Ireland and they receive a request to transfer their record, the Lloyd George envelope should contain the full printout of the electronic record and sent via the Primary Care Support England process (PCSE). GPs are advised to contact PCSE if they required support on the process.  

The GP practice remains responsible for ensuring the transfer of patient records (electronic and paper Lloyd George notes) and confidential information to the GP at out of area practices, having full regard to confidentiality and data protection requirements, Records Management: NHS Code of Practice guidance, and any relevant guidance from the Health & Social Care Information Centre or the Information Commissioner's Office.”