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Lloyd George envelopes for paper patient records

As part of the Lloyd George envelope digitisation project which aims to digitise the historic paper patient records held by practices, the way you manage medical records for new patient registrations is changing. The production and distribution of new patient paper Lloyd George envelopes will be stopping in January 2021. The project will reduce the burden associated with the movement of paper records and freeing up space in your practice that is currently used for storage of these records.

In the first instance you should follow your usual process to scan the paperwork to include in the patient’s digital record, if this is not possible, you can create a new envelope for the patient. You can do this by requesting a pack of Lloyd George envelopes through the PCSE supplies portal here and then writing the patient’s name, DOB and NHS number clearly on the front.

Yes, you will receive a transit label for these patients, until later in the year when they will no longer be produced. We will update you again when this changes.

No, this will only impact your English patients, this will not impact your Welsh patients.