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All practices have been provided with new shipping bags to use for transporting medical records. These bags should only be used for medical records.

Redirecting confidential patient information:  From May 2015, PCSE sites stopped redirecting confidential patient information on behalf of GP practices, as this process did not comply with NHS England information governance or current legislation.  Your practice should mark envelopes ‘return to sender’ and send the information back (in bulk/ batches if necessary) to the provider who sent it initially.

Paper screening documentation (‘Ceasing forms’ for women who wish to withdraw from the screening programme): These can be scanned and emailed, or posted PCSE. See our Contact Us page.

GMS3 forms can be scanned and uploaded to the records section of PCSE Online by selecting ‘GMS3 Form Submission’ on the screen header. The upload facility is on the left hand side of the page.  Please ensure all sides of the form are scanned, save the image as a pdf and upload each patient as a separate file.

Alternatively, you can request a label for GMS3 forms through PCSE Online and send the forms in shipping bags. To order a label please:

  1. Login to PCSE Online
  2. Click ‘Records’ on the menu bar and then click ‘GMS3 forms’.
  3. On the right hand side, there will be a box called ‘Courier Collection’.
  4. Select how many labels you would like by using the plus and minus buttons (just one label is needed per shipping bag but you can put multiple GMS3 forms into one bag).
  5. Click the ‘Request transit label(s)’ button.

The label(s) will then be delivered to you on your next CitySprint visit.