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Records movement and PCSE Online

Yes, you should still make a deduction request for a patient as you did before.

You do not need to order labels when a deduction request is received. Labels will be generated automatically when the patient is registered with a new GP Practice and a label will be delivered to you via CitySprint with your usual records delivery.

When medical records are being delivered to your practice by CitySprint, you will no longer receive a notification flag from your local system to alert you that the records are on the way. NHAIS will no longer be updated to track records movements, and they therefore won’t be updated on your system. You will still need to edit the medical record status on your system to Received when they have been delivered.

When we roll out our new collection and delivery network, you’ll see this information in the Records section of our PCSE Online – this will give you the current record status (Requested, In Progress, Ready for Collection, Collected, Delivered) of all your record movements. Medical records will be scanned by CitySprint on collection and delivery to update the information in the portal and track the movement.

New registrants include babies, patients recently arrived from overseas and any other patients who have an NHS number allocated for the first time at the point of registration.

As part of NHS England's push to digitise medical records the issuing of new medical record envelopes (Lloyd Georges) for patients registering with the NHS for the first time has now been ceased.

Any registrations processed after the 1st January 2021 for these groups will not be automatically issued with a physical medical record as previously occurred. Practices that are unable to scan notes onto an electronic record are still be able to order a Lloyd George for transferring records.   

PCSE will then send a new registration letter directly to the patient’s home address.

Replacement registration letters or medical cards are not provided. If a patient needs their NHS number, they can get this from their current GP.

It is likely that the change is still being processed on our system, through SPINE. It can take some time for the change to be validated, so please wait a few days and check the system again. If it is still not visible, then please contact us.

When a record has been delivered to you, it is removed from PCSE Online system. If the record has not been delivered to you, please contact us to investigate this for you.

You may have a received a deduction for this patient because they have registered with another GP Practice shortly after registering with your Practice.

To request an urgent medical record, click here and complete the details requested via our online form.

When an urgent medical record has been successfully submitted, you will receive an email notification confirming that the request has been received. The email will contain a case reference number which can be used to follow up on the case if required.

Please note that only contacts registered with PCSE will be able to submit urgent medical record requests using the new form. In order to become a registered contact, the main contact we hold for your organisation can register you on PCSE Online via the ‘User Management’ section. 

You should only use this form if your request is clinically urgent, or if the request is in relation to adoption; gender re-assignment; witness protection; or a safeguarding investigation.

PCSE will then arrange for the patient’s previous GP to fax or email the clinically urgent information to your practice. For information governance reasons, we can only accept and send emails containing patient information from nhs.net email accounts. We will also ask the practice to release the paper medical record in their next CitySprint collection.

Please note, this urgent request process doesn’t necessarily accelerate the time it will take to move the paper record.

If you have any queries on this new process, please contact us via the online enquiries form. Select ‘Medical record movement’ and complete the details requested.

We do not have access to patient summary sheets or medical information so are unable to assist with this issue.

What do the tracking statuses mean?

For ‘Records In’ the definitions are as follow:

  • Requested: PCSE has been notified of new patient registration at your practice
  • In progress: A tracking label has been printed and is on its way to the practice currently holding the record.
  • Pending validation or pending further investigation: PCSE has been notified of a new patient registration at your practice. This movement request requires further investigation before it can be approved and a tracking label created.
  • Collected: The record has been collected by CitySprint and is on its way to you.
  • Delivered: The record has been delivered to your practice. Please note, once CitySprint has scanned the record on delivery to your practice, the record will no longer show on your ‘Records in’ page on PCSE Online. You can still see a list of all records delivered to your practice by clicking on the Status column in your records in page and selecting ‘delivered.’ If for any reason the status has not updated to delivered, it is possible to change this yourself on PCSE Online. To do this, please go to the records in page on PCSE Online, click on the ID number link for the movement and click on ‘In Storage at GP Practice’.

For records out, the definitions are as follows:

  • New request: PCSE has been notified of the deduction at your practice.
  • Transit label ready: A tracking label has been created and has been sent to print.
  • Transit label printed: A tracking label has been printed and is on its way to your practice via your CitySprint delivery.
  • Collected: The record has been collected from your practice by CitySprint.
  • Delivered: The record has been delivered to the destination practice. Please note, once CitySprint has scanned the record on delivery to the receiving practice, the record will no longer show on your ‘Records out’ page on PCSE Online.

The new records movement process doesn’t use the NHAIS system (Exeter) to track records. This means that you will no longer receive a notification flag on your practice’s clinical system to alert you when records are on the way. Records can only be tracked on PCSE Online, however it will only show a full picture of all records movements once the new records movement service has been rolled out to all practices nationally.

GP2GP allows patients' electronic GP records to be transferred between their old and new practices when they change GPs and is managed by NHS Digital. Please refer to NHS Digitals website for further information on the following:

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