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Performers List FAQs

For changes in commitment, the only action required from a 'PL Approver' at an ICB is to click 'approve'. This confirms that you are aware of this change. We are currently exploring with NHSE whether PCSE can remove this step in the process for you in the future.

Any outstanding approvals will carry over to the appropriate Integrated Care Board (ICB) on Friday 1 July. However, this will mean that PCSE Online users with the 'PL Approver' role at the ICB will be responsible for all outstanding approvals within the geographical footprint of the new ICB, not just that of the previous CCG.

If you have an outstanding approval with an effective date that pre-dates delegation of responsibilities (prior to December 2019) then you do not need to take any action for these as we are working with NHS England to find a solution to deal with any historical approval requests.

In the meantime, we ask that you focus your attention on the outstanding approvals from December 2019 onwards and complete any that you are able to as quickly as possible.

A User Administrator is unable to view these without the relevant permissions assigned to them. These permissions are enabled for user role 'PL Approver' as they are responsible for verifying the contractual changes and ensuring they are approved as swiftly as possible.

Any request for a report may be considered on an ad-hoc basis only.

If your PL Approver has tried to approve a contractual change but encountered an issue, please email pcse.performerlists@nhs.net with the individual case reference and we will be happy to help.

If you notice the user has raised the request more than once, creating a duplication of a task in your activity queue, you will need to reject one of these tasks and approve the other. This is to ensure the performers record is kept accurate.

Where the change has not been approved by the practice you will need to wait. The 'PL Practice Manager' will have received an email from PCSE when the Performers request was submitted, asking them to log onto PCSE Online to approve the change. Once the approval is received from the practice the 'Review Practice Change' box will change and you will be able to approve/reject as necessary.