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User Management FAQs

A user manager can manage all users at the ICB and can assign the necessary permissions to anyone who is able to complete the role.

All users in your ICB can be viewed in the User management section of your PCSE Online account.

  1. Click the box 'My Organisation Only'
  2. Click 'Apply'
  3. All users at your organisation will show. You will have to edit each one to see permissions.

We are looking at sending frequent communications to confirm who the user managers are at each ICB.

A user who has been deactivated can still access their account and amend their details but they have no access to any organisation.
Users should:

  1. Log into their PCSE Online account
  2. Go to 'Settings' then 'My Details'
  3. They should enter a phone number or just '0'
  4. The user manager at the organisation where they need to join/ be reactivated should then go to the User management screen
  5. Enter their email address and click search
  6. Provide the user with the necessary roles
  7. Click 'Update'

Yes, when you log in you will have to select the new ICB. Your previous organisations will be on your drop down list but you should select your new ICB.