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Applicant FAQs

Ensure you are submitting the correct number, GPhC numbers are 7 digits long and all start with the number 2.

Please check the fields within the application for an error message - you cannot progress until all mandatory fields are completed.

Please ensure that you have completed all three tabs contained within this section, Applicant Representative, Director details and Superintendent details.

You must click save on each tab before then clicking on save and next to navigate to the next section of the application.

When adding a director and/or superintendent for the first time please enter “new” and press return. Please select <NEW> from the drop-down box and enter details accordingly.

You must also include any days on which you are closed and indicate these as such by selecting the days and the closed all day option, then click add time period, in order to complete this section.

There is functionality at the end of the application form to upload any further supporting documentation.

The most common reason that a document will not upload is because there is a full stop in the file name. 

This might be in the form of a date, for example, 02.01.2020 or to punctuate a name, e.g. Mr. Contractor Name Application.

Please save your file without any full stops. 

The maximum file size per individual document is 12 Mb. 

There is no limit to the number of documents you can upload.