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New Paper GOS forms

Yes, we will no longer accept the current forms for sight tests dated after 31 January 2021. 

Yes, this is a different batch header to the one you currently use. You can download the new batch header from the PCSE website here

No. Old forms must be attached to the old style batch headers and new forms must be attached to the new batch headers to ensure they can be processed effectively.

Claims on old paper forms dated up to 31 January can be submitted within the timescales permitted by regulations (6 months for GOS1, 5 & 6 and  3 months for GOS 3 and 4).

Yes. As the paper scanning process is automated, forms with missing or incorrect data will be automatically rejected and returned, even if the error seems minor.

However, if you use PCSE Online to submit your claims, they are validated in real time so you avoid rejections completely.

You can find a series video guides to completing paper formson our dedicated Support page.

The Performers List number is now the GOC number only and should be entered in the format 01-nnnn or 01-nnnnn.

The Organisation number is the 5 character ODS code of the practice. This must be entered accurately on the form as it is the unique identifier that ensures the correct practice is paid.

You can find your ODS code at https://odsportal.digital.nhs.uk/Organisation/Search

No, your statement for new forms will be available on PCSE Online (4 days before the payment due date). You will receive an old style statement for any old style forms you submit.

Yes, you still need to register to view your statements electronically (and submit CET claims). 

The new style paper forms will be scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), as is used for driving license and passport application forms.

This is so that all of the same data that is submitted in an online claim can be captured from a paper claim. 

You can order the new forms in the normal way using the PCSE Online portal. Please remember if you are submitting claims electronically you should only need a small contingency stock for emergencies. Please order responsibly.  

Please dispose these forms responsibly by recycling them. 

Old forms are not available to order after 10 January 2021.