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Our new Performers List service launched this year, moving the performer list process from paper to online. Click here to find out more.

Change of status

GP registrars and Dental Foundation Trainees are already on the National Performers Lists when they conclude their training. Dental Foundation Trainees and GP Registrars can continue to work while the NPL3 form regarding their status change is being processed by PCSE.

General Practitioners    

GP registrars who have newly qualified can work as they are on the performers list and will be showing on the performers list website.  The individual can show they are qualified by producing their certificate of completed training (CCT)  This is also reflected on the GMC register which any employer can check if they so wish.

  1. GP Trainees legally cease to be trainees when the GP registrar achieves their CCT and the GMC register is updated.
  2. NHS England policy requires GP Trainees to provide evidence that they have completed their training and to complete a change in status form, enabling PCSE to update their status on the performers list.  If the GP registrar has evidenced this, they have fulfilled their obligations under the regulations and NHS England policy.
  3. The change in status on the Performers List itself does not require NHS England Medical Director (MD) / Responsible Officer (RO) approval as this is a routine administrative process.
  4. During this period of time, and in the event that an enquiry regarding their status is received from either the recently qualified trainee or an organisation wishing to use their service, MDs or their delegated officers should assure themselves that the trainee has completed their training by either checking the GMC register, and or liaising with HEE if they are a GP registrar. If the MD or their delegated officer can assure themselves via this route, there should be no reason why the trainee should not be permitted to practise independently whilst the administrative change in status is undertaken.


We will require a practice notification form from you. Please refer to the guidance on the Performers List page.

We will require a practice notification form from you. Please refer to the guidance on the Performers List page.

If your practice would like to set up a pooled list, please contact the Performers List team.

Go to www.pcse.england.nhs.uk/contact-us and select ‘Performers Lists’ from the drop down menu. In the message box please state your practice would like to set up a pooled list and ensure the following information is included in the submission:

  • Practice Code
  • Practice Name
  • Pooled List Name (usually this is the practice name) and start date.

The Performers List team then set up the practice on NHAIS and will contact the practice to discuss next steps in enabling the pooled list to be set up on their clinical systems.

Yes.  If you move to a new practice, a new GP code will be issued to you as part of the Performers List change  notification process.  Please do not use your old GP code once you move to a new practice, as this would result in new  patient registrations being assigned to your previous practice, and the patient’s medical records would be sent to your previous practice.

When an NPL 2 or NPL3 (change to circumstance or status) is processed for a new GP joining a practice, PCSE will send the performer a change notification confirmation letter which includes their prescribing number,  G referral code, and their local code. If you require these codes for performers in your practice, please ask them for a copy of this letter.

No, applicants can apply to join the English NPL before they receive their professional qualification from their country of residence. Applications to join the English NPL can take up to 12 weeks to process, it is advisable to submit your application as early as possible to enable PCSE to carry out the necessary checks before we submit the application to NHS England for approval. Find out more on the Performers List page.