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Deductions, Amendments and Rejections


If you need to cancel a patient deduction request which you have sent to us via your clinical system, please note that removing the flag on your local clinical system will not update the request into PCSE.

To inform PCSE that you need to cancel a patient deduction request, please either email the registrations team at: pcse.registrations-preston@nhs.net  putting ‘Cancellation of deduction request’ in the email subject line, or call PCSE on 0333 014 2884.

Please do not deduct the patient under high security/security controlled procedures as this will only update your clinical system. It will not remove the patient on Open Exeter or the National Spine. All deductions should be sent via the GP links.

Please do not action the change of the address on your clinical system. Please request a deduction with a reason of ‘Other Reason’/’Left Area’ and in the free text include the new address including house number/name, street and postcode. If you do not know the patient’s forwarding address please enter ‘Address Unknown’.

Once the deduction is received, PCSE will place the patient on a pending deduction for 30 days. A letter will then be sent to the patient at their out of area address, or last known address if the new one is unknown informing them they need to re-registered with a different GP practice. The deduction request will be rejected as the patient will only be deducted on the 30th day or upon a registration being received from a practice.

If you wish for a patient to be registered at the practice on your “Out of Area Scheme”, you will need to send a removal request for the patients through the GP Link as a deduction with 'OOA REG' in the 'GP Message' field. When this is received, the patient will be removed immediately and the practice must accept the deduction notification received. Once this has been done, the practice should then send a new registration request down the GP Links system, again with ‘OOA Reg’ in the GP message field.

To request to change date of birth information for a patient registered at your practice, please submit the amendment via the GP Link, and confirm in the free text that you have seen documentation with the correct date of birth. If this confirmation isn’t provided in the free text, then the amendment will be rejected.

Depending on the reason for rejecting the registration, a numeric code is assigned to the registration, and we notify you in two ways.


An email is automatically sent to the main contact at your practice, with specific information on the reason for rejection and what needs to happen next.

Clinical System

A message is sent to your clinical system, with the numeric code and the text "Email has been sent to the main contact at your practice"


You can find out more about the numeric code and reason for rejection, along with what needs to happen next in our Rejection Codes document

There is also more specific information in this section below on:

  • Notifying us of a change of main contact

Check that the practice code in the email subject line relates to the practice you work for. If this isn’t your practice you should check who the main contact is at your practice. If you need to update your main contact please contact our Customer support centre on 0333 014 2884.

If you do work at the practice, please do a full search on your clinical system for the patient using all the details provided in the email. If you still cannot trace the patient, please contact us using the online form  selecting ‘Registrations’ from the drop-down menu.

Emails about rejected registrations are sent to the registered PCSE main contact at your GP practice.

If you need to change your main contact details, please call the Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884.

Yes, you can change your registered PCSE main contact by calling our Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884.

When a registration has been rejected it is no longer visible on NHAIS and cannot be amended or processed by PCSE, therefore you will need to make the necessary amendments on your clinical system as explained in the email from us and resubmit a registration through the GP link.

When you resubmit the registration with all the information required, we will process and accept the registration.

The rejected patient registration will be in a file on your clinical system, please contact your system supplier if you are unsure where the file is located. Once located, you should be able to access the registration from here and make any amendments before resubmitting the registration.

If you cannot locate or edit the rejected registration will need to follow these next steps:

  • Approve the registration under high security, in order to do this you may need an NHS number. As the patient may not yet have been allocated an NHS number, especially if they are registering from outside of England or Wales you can use a dummy NHS number e.g. 999 999 9999.
  • Once approved, deduct the patient under high security so that they are showing as inactive
  • Proceed to re-registering the patient, adding in any additional information in the appropriate fields and removing the dummy NHS number

Once PCSE receive the registration we will either trace an NHS number or allocate and you will receive a notification on your clinical system.

If you have already resubmitted the registration, please disregard the email from PCSE and from your Commissioner.

Support & Guidance

We've collated the most useful information regarding rejections below:

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