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Patient Removals


As part of the services we provide, PCSE regularly writes directly to patients (for example through our screening administration, new patient registration, and practice merger and closure programmes).

In line with current procedures, if a letter is returned to PCSE as the patient has moved house, we are required to raise an FP69 flag on the NHAIS system. This will update the GP practice’s clinical system. The practice should then check the address directly with the patient, and confirm or update the address on their clinical system.

If PCSE doesn’t receive confirmation from the practice (via the link) that the patient is either still at the address or at a new address within 6 months of the FP69 flag being raised, the patient will then be removed from the GP’s patient list.  

Should the letter be returned to us as ‘moved abroad’ or ‘deceased’ the appropriate action would be taken to deduct the patient from NHAIS as O/R (other reason).

Immediate removals will be processed by PCSE within 24 hours of receipt of notification from the GP practice – this can either be by phone or by email. The incident must have been reported to the Police for the immediate removal to be processed. Secondary or local commissioner approval will not be necessary.

The updated policy includes a provision for the Special Allocation Scheme (SAS) provider to determine whether the removal request is appropriate. Practices have been advised of this update and the process to follow to request removal of a patient from a practice list.

PCSE is not responsible for determining if a patient meets the criteria for immediate removal, other than confirming the incident has been reported to the Police.  This is the responsibility of the reporting practice.

To request removal of a patient from your practice list (either immediate or within eight days), please complete the form which can be downloaded here. Once complete please email to: pcse.patientremovals@nhs.net.

If a Special Allocation Scheme patient attempts to register with a mainstream GP Practice, no warning or preventative message would be received by the practice's clinical system. However, once the registration is received via the GP link, the flag on the patient's record warns PCSE that the patient is subject to the Special Allocation Scheme.

PCSE will then reject the registration with a rejection note stating the patient is on the scheme, and to remove the registration from their clinical system.

The patient will then be contacted by PCSE via letter to say that as they are still subject to the Special Allocation Scheme, they are unable to register at a practice of their choice and that their registration with your practice has been cancelled.