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Archive Month: August

August 2017 New process for receiving GMS3 forms (temporary resident forms)

The process for receiving GMS3s for patients registered at GP practices is changing. Currently, completed GMS3 forms are emailed to the main contact we hold for each practice. Following feedback, and to further improve security, completed forms will shortly be available to download from the PCSE portal. 

From 1 September all GMS3s for patients registered at your practice will be uploaded to the ‘Records’ section of the PCSE portal, ready for you to download.

  • How to view forms: Forms will be uploaded to the ‘GMS3 Forms’ area in the ‘Records’ section of the portal. Click on ‘Download GMS3 Forms’ to view the list of forms for your practice.

  • How to download forms: To download a GMS3 form, click on the ‘Download’ option next to each form and then print and store, or file electronically in the patient’s medical record. All GMS3 forms received for download by your practice will remain visible on the list until they are archived by your practice.
  • How to archive forms: To archive a GMS3 form, please select the ‘Archive’ option next to the form. This option will only become visible after the form has been downloaded for the first time. Please note that once a GMS3 form is archived by your practice, it will be removed from your GMS3 download list, and will no longer be accessible via the portal.

The main contact we hold for each practice will receive an email notification each time a new form is available for download. If they would prefer not to receive these notifications, they can opt out by selecting the ‘Opt Out’ button which can be found on the header of the GMS3 download page.



August 2017 New medical records movement service – phase two go-live date announced

The new medical records movement service was rolled-out to practices in phase one (North of England and East Midlands) on 18th July 2017. These practices now receive tracking labels for records deducted from their practice.  Records are individually bag and labelled, and then delivered directly to the requesting practices, or into long-term storage.

The new service is working well for practices in phase one and PCSE and NHS England are pleased to confirm that the next phase of the roll-out will go live week commencing 2 October 2017.

Practices in phase two (covering the West Midlands) will receive an email on September 5 2017 which will inform them that their practice will start to use the new service from October. PCSE will send this to the main contact held for each practice. A pack of information will also be delivered to each practice in phase two three weeks prior to the introduction of the service.

Benefits of the new service include:

  • A more secure service ensuring patient confidentiality
  • Online tracking of record movements
  • Faster movement of records between practices*

*The new service remains highly dependent on the timely release of records from storage facilities and from GP practices.

August 2017 New ‘how to’ guide for viewing GP registrar payments on Open Exeter statements

In response to feedback from practices, a new guide on how to view GP registrar payments on Open Exeter statements is now available to download here.

August 2017 New guide to GP registrar payment and expenses forms


In order for the correct payment of GP registrar salaries and expenses to be made, a number of forms need to be fully completed.  To assist with the completion, PCSE and NHS England have produced a quick guide which covers: 

    • Which form is required for the circumstance
    • Who needs to be involved in completing each form
    • How and where to return forms

The guide can be downloaded here.

Please note that the payment forms are being updated to take into consideration the new junior doctors contract. We will be in touch when the forms have been changed. For now use the forms on the guide.


August 2017 Change of address for courier deliveries from 29 August 2017

If you use a courier service to send your GOS claim forms to PCSE, there is a specific courier address.  Please note that as of 29 August 2017 the new address for contractors who use couriers will be:

Capita Intelligent Communications

Building 17, Units 2 & 6

Lingfield Point

McMullen Road




This REPLACES the previous Roundhouse Road address that couriers have been using.  Anyone who uses a courier service to send GOS forms to PCSE should use this new address for all deliveries from, and including, the 29 August.  


Contractors who don't use couriers should continue to post their claim forms with accompanying  tailored submission headers to the usual PCSE PO Box address which remains the same:

Primary Care Support England

PO Box 350



August 2017 Opticians: Important update about contacting PCSE & portal registrations

To enable PCSE to respond to email and telephone queries and for you to be able to order supplies, including GOS forms, you are required to register on the PCSE portal.

Portal registration enables PCSE to carry out the necessary identification and vetting checks to respond to enquiries from contractors.  Without this, PCSE is unable to respond to enquiries due to data protection. 

If your practice is already registered on the portal, the main contact/super user will be able to add or amend additional users.  We would encourage you to check the named contacts that are included under your practice registration and update accordingly. 

If you or your practice are not currently registered, please email pcse.datamanager@nhs.net with the following information:

      • Main contact name
      • Email address
      • Telephone number
      • Practice name
      • Practice address including post code
      • Organisation code (If you know it.  This is your unique 5-digit reference beginning with 'TP' e.g. TP1N5​)

For more information about the portal, including adding or amending users, please visit www.pcse.england.nhs.uk/help

Once registered on the portal, your practice will receive regular emails with updates about your service, including future service developments for submission of GOS forms electronically.



August 2017 A guide to the National Performers List change notification process for dental practices, performers, and NHS England local offices

The process for making changes to a performer’s inclusion on the National Performers List involves a number of parties. The time taken to process a change varies according to type of request, and is highly dependent on the supply of accurate supporting information from dental practices, performers and NHS England Local Offices.

Based on feedback from practices, we have created this guide to the various types of change notifications and the supporting information required from each party.

Click here to download the guide