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New process for receiving GMS3 forms (temporary resident forms)

The process for receiving GMS3s for patients registered at GP practices is changing. Currently, completed GMS3 forms are emailed to the main contact we hold for each practice. Following feedback, and to further improve security, completed forms will shortly be available to download from the PCSE portal. 

From 1 September all GMS3s for patients registered at your practice will be uploaded to the ‘Records’ section of the PCSE portal, ready for you to download.

  • How to view forms: Forms will be uploaded to the ‘GMS3 Forms’ area in the ‘Records’ section of the portal. Click on ‘Download GMS3 Forms’ to view the list of forms for your practice.

  • How to download forms: To download a GMS3 form, click on the ‘Download’ option next to each form and then print and store, or file electronically in the patient’s medical record. All GMS3 forms received for download by your practice will remain visible on the list until they are archived by your practice.
  • How to archive forms: To archive a GMS3 form, please select the ‘Archive’ option next to the form. This option will only become visible after the form has been downloaded for the first time. Please note that once a GMS3 form is archived by your practice, it will be removed from your GMS3 download list, and will no longer be accessible via the portal.

The main contact we hold for each practice will receive an email notification each time a new form is available for download. If they would prefer not to receive these notifications, they can opt out by selecting the ‘Opt Out’ button which can be found on the header of the GMS3 download page.