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GP Bulletin - 2017 July

Welcome to the July PCSE bulletin

In this bulletin, you’ll find updates on:

  • Roll-out of the new medical records movement service
  • What do to if you receive a tracking label before the new service is introduced to your practice
  • Coming soon: New process for receiving temporary resident forms (GMS3s)
  • Returning supplies to PCSE
  • Transformation plans for screening administration services
  • Patient registrations
  • Performers List
  • Contacting PCSE - New enquiry form

Medical Records

National roll-out of the new medical records movement service

PCSE will start rolling out the new records movement service to GP practices in four phases across England, starting this week (week commencing 17 July 2017.)  The benefits of the new service will include:

  • A more secure records movement service which further ensures patient confidentiality
  • Online tracking of record movements
  • Improved time taken to move records between practices.

Practices in phase one of the roll-out have been notified by email, and will start receiving tracking labels with their usual weekly CitySprint visit from this week. Practices will need to match the tracking label with the relevant medical record and affix the label to the front of the shipping bag, ready for collection by CitySprint. The record will then be delivered directly to the new GP practice, or into long-term storage.

PCSE has produced a range of materials to help guide practices through new processes and answer any queries they may have. These materials, which include video guides, are available here. If you would like to know more about the national roll-out, including the areas covered in each phase, please click here to read the special roll-out e-bulletin.

What do to if you receive a tracking label before the new service is introduced to your practice

There are circumstances where a tracking label could be generated and delivered to a practice where the full medical record is not held, for example if a patient registers at two practices in very quick succession.  If you receive a tracking label prior to the new service being rolled-out to your practice, please retain the label and contact the Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884. Select the ‘Medical Records’ option and we’ll then provide guidance on what to do next.

Coming soon – New process for receiving temporary resident forms (GMS3s)

Currently, completed GMS3 forms are forwarded on by email to the main contact we hold at your practice.  Practices have fed-back that our ‘main contact’ may not necessarily be the most appropriate person in the practice to receive GMS3s.  We are therefore looking to improve this service by enabling GMS3s for patients in your practice to be downloaded from the PCSE portal. More information on this will be covered in the next bulletin including the date it will be introduced.


Return of supplies

To organise a collection of unwanted supplies items ordered through PCSE, please go to the Returns page in the Supplies section of the portal and request a collection. The items will then be collected on your next CitySprint delivery and collection day.



If you are returning prescription stationery, please enter each range of prescription numbers you are sending back. This is important as it will be used for reconciliation and to track the movement of the prescription forms in order to prevent fraudulent use.

You can return unopened boxes of needles and syringes. Part used boxes of these products should be disposed of using your current arrangements for the disposal of ‘sharps’. Please wrap up and seal the products you are returning in a jiffy bag.

Please do not put any products you are returning in the shipping bags used for the transfer of medical records.

Screening Transformation Update

Future service developments

PCSE is committed to delivering NHS England’s vision for more modern, efficient and easy to use primary care support services.  Planning for how we will achieve this transformation for cervical screening call and recall administration is underway.

The current NHAIS database and Open Exeter interface (also known as the ‘Exeter system’) will be replaced by a single database and accessed via the PCSE portal.  Much of the functionality will be the same, but the portal will have a different look and feel to Open Exeter and should be more intuitive to use. 

Would you like to get involved in testing the new service?

The new service will see all call/recall processes, laboratory results and colposcopy discharge lists being managed via the PCSE portal.  We need service users to review the portal to make sure it is intuitive, easy to follow, and enables you to carry out your usual screening administration tasks. 

If you or any member of staff in your practice, who are involved in managing Prior Notification Lists (PNLs) or sample taking and would like to get involved in testing and reviewing the new service,  please contact *deleted email address*


Update on patient registrations

PCSE is responsible for processing new patient registrations and de-registrations at GP practices. We ensure that NHAIS (the national patient records database) reflects what is shown in each practice’s patient list.

We have recently pulled together some hints and tips to help ensure patients can be registered at practices as smoothly as possible. Please see the Registrations page for further information.

Also, based on feedback from GP practices a new patient removal request form has been produced, to provide clarity on all the information we need to process removal requests as efficiently as possible. This new form is now in use and can be downloaded from the Registrations page.

Performers Lists

GP registrars

Preparation is underway to manage National Performers List entry for the August cohort of GP registrars.  Health Education England send the list of GP Registrars to be added to the Performers List to NHS England and the local office approve them and send them through to PCSE.  PCSE has received the approved list from the South West – Peninsula.  All of the trainees in this area, with the exception of one (due to waiting for further information from Health Education England) have been processed and inclusion letters have been sent.  PCSE has also received the approved list from Yorkshire and Humber and the majority of these have also been processed and inclusion letters sent.  PCSE expects to receive the approved lists from the remaining 13 regional areas in the next couple of weeks. 

Performers lists change notification requests (NPL2 and 3s)

The majority of outstanding performer list change requests (including changes to status, home address or practice) where the full information required has been provided have been processed. 

We are awaiting completed practice notification forms from joining / leaving practices and / or declarations from NHS England local teams before we can process remaining outstanding performer’s list change requests. If you are, or have been, contacted to provide additional information, please can you provide this as quickly as possible to enable the request to be processed.

NHS England has agreed that where information has been requested and not received, three reminder communications will be sent. After this point, PCSE will be required to close the change request.

Guidance on the NPL2 and 3 process, and details on the information required in support of a change request, is available here.

Notifying PCSE of a death of a performer

Guidance on how to notify PCSE of a death of a performer can be found here.

Contacting PCSE

To make it simpler for practices to know who to contact in PCSE for what, a new enquires form is now available here.

The form contains all the required fields PCSE will need to process your query, and selecting the ‘type of enquiry’ ensures your query gets to the right team as quickly as possible.