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Archive Month: June

June 2017 2017 GP registrar trainee programme

Planning is underway for the August 2017 registrar trainee programme to ensure all registrars are added to the National Performers List in a timely manner.
To ensure PCSE can process any reimbursements due as smoothly as possible we have produced some guidance on the information required from practices.
New registrar placements (for areas where there is no lead employer)
In order for payments to be set up for new registrar placements, please ensure:

  • That salary forms  (K4)  are fully completed in conjunction with your registrar(s) There are no non-mandatory fields  
  • That all K4s are sent to your Health Education England (HEE) contact as soon as possible after completion (and by 30 June latest for the August GP registrar intake). HEE will then need to send these forms to PCSE prior to the registrar starting in your practice 
  • A recent payslip is required to identify registrar’s incremental date to ensure salary payments are setup correctly. Please ensure that you send this along with the completed K4 form to your local Health Education England programme office.       

June 2017 Registering new patients at your practice

Registering new patients at your practice

Whilst all clinical systems are slightly different, we have pulled together some hints and tips to help ensure patients can be registered at GP practices as smoothly as possible. Please click here for further details.

June 2017 National roll-out of the new records movement service

National rollout of the new records movement service

NHS England and Primary Care Support England (PCSE) can confirm that the new records movement service will start to be rolled-out to all practices nationally. The new service should improve the process for all practices.  Please download our records roll-out bulletin for further information.

June 2017 Cervical screening: National operational review group

As part of PCSE’s commitment to providing a supportive service for the national call/recall cervical screening programme, we hold a monthly operational review meeting with regional representation from Screening and Immunisation Leads (SiLS) and laboratory colposcopy. 

The meeting is an opportunity to look at ways we can improve how we work together, hear your feedback and share updates.  It is chaired by Kirsty Wenzel, Head of Screening at PCSE, and takes place monthly via teleconference and quarterly face-to-face.  If you are interested in joining the National Operational Review meeting or would like to find out who your representative is, please contact Kirsty Wenzel at kirsty.wenzel@capita.co.uk


June 2017 New dedicated email address for all ophthalmic payment queries

Based on feedback from our service users, PCSE has set up the following, new, dedicated email address for all ophthalmic payment queries:


Please could we ask that you use this new email for all future ophthalmic payment queries and application submissions.  This will ensure your email gets to the right team as quickly as possible. The team will then log, review and respond to your query.

When emailing PCSE, please include the following information in the body of your email:

  • Your name
  • Your practice name, address and postcode
  • Your telephone number
  • Your Payments Contractor number (which can be found on your GOS submission headers)

You will receive an acknowledgement email, with a unique case reference number, when our team has started to process your enquiry. If the team do not require any further information from you, your request will be processed.

Please note, for security reasons, we can only log, action and respond to emails where the information, as described above, has been provided.  If this information isn’t included in the email, we will respond and request the information before reviewing the query or taking any further action.


June 2017 New email address for Market Entry applications and queries

Based on feedback from our service users, PCSE has set up a new dedicated email address for all Market Entry applications and queries:


Please use this new email for all future Market Entry queries, which will ensure your email gets to the Market Entry team as quickly as possible. The team will then log, review and respond to your query. For further information on the Market Entry application process, please click here.

June 2017 GOS3 & 4 processing for ophthalmic payments

At the beginning of the year we announced that PCSE would start individual processing for GOS3 and 4 forms.  We began this new process on a phased rollout and practices in those areas have now started to receive itemised statements for GOS3 and 4 claims, allowing for easier reconciliation.

The phased roll out has been carefully monitored to ensure that all form processing meets the required quality levels and we are satisfied this is being achieved.  We are now planning to rollout to the other areas from this month (June 2017) and practices will be informed when the new process will be introduced in their area.

GOS 1 forms will continue to be batch processed for all areas as they have been historically.