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Optician Bulletin - 2017 June

Welcome to the latest edition of your PCSE bulletin

In this bulletin you will find updates on:

  • How to contact PCSE – new dedicated email address for all ophthalmic payment queries
  • Ophthalmic payments administration
    • Pre-registration training (PRT) grants
    • Continuing Education and Training (CET) payments
    • GOS payment reconciliation
    • GOS 3 and 4 processing
    • Submitting GOS claim forms
  • Future service developments



How to contact PCSE - new dedicated email address for all ophthalmic payment queries

Based on feedback from our service users, PCSE has set up the following new, dedicated email address for all ophthalmic payment queries:


Please could we ask that you use this new email for all future ophthalmic payment queries.  This will ensure your email gets to the right team as quickly as possible. The team will then log, review and respond to your query.

When emailing PCSE, please include the following information in the body of your email:

  • Your name
  • Your practice name, address and postcode
  • Your telephone number
  • Your Payments Contractor number (which can be found on your GOS submission headers)

You will receive an acknowledgement email, with a unique case reference number, when our team has started to process your enquiry. If the team do not require any further information from you, your request will be processed.

Please note, for security reasons, we can only log, action and respond to emails where the information as described above has been provided.  If this information isn’t included in the email, we will respond and request the information before reviewing the query or taking any further action.

To enable us to log and respond to email queries as efficiently as possible and avoid duplication, please can we ask that you only send email requests to one PCSE email address and that you do not copy in other PCSE email addresses (generic email boxes and individual staff members).

Sending requests to several email addresses is likely to slow down how quickly we can progress your case.



Pre-registration training (PRT) grants

The College of Optometrists has provided the list of 2017 pre-registration students and PCSE has processed all valid training grant claims received to date. These will be paid in accordance with the normal payment schedule.


Continuing Education and Training (CET) payments

In our last bulletin, we advised practices to let us know by 21 April if they hadn’t received payment for a claim submitted prior to the 31 October 2016 deadline. We received queries up until the April cut-off and afterwards, into May.  All the queries have been reviewed and the majority of grants that have been approved have now been paid, with any outstanding approved claims due to be paid in accordance with the normal payment schedules by July.


GOS payment reconciliation

The GOS payment reconciliation process is ongoing and PCSE is working closely with NHS England to finalise the details.  A revised timeline has been agreed with a target completion date of December 2017 and a further, more detailed, communication will be shared as soon as possible.


GOS3 and 4 processing

At the beginning of the year we announced that PCSE would start individual processing for GOS3 and 4 forms.  We began this new process on a phased rollout and practices in some areas have now started to receive itemised statements for GOS3 and 4 claims, allowing for easier reconciliation.

The phased roll out has been carefully monitored to ensure that all form processing meets the required quality levels and we are satisfied this is being achieved.  We are now planning to rollout to the remaining areas from June for payments in July.  Practices will be informed when the new process will be introduced in their area.

GOS 1 forms will continue to be batch processed for all areas as they have been historically.


Submitting GOS claim forms

To reduce the need for faster payments, please could we ask that you send all your GOS claim forms by the agreed submission dates and that they are sent to the Darlington address below.   Submitting forms to anywhere other than Darlington could result in delayed payments.  A list of all claim form submission dates for each area can be found here.


All GOS claim forms with accompanying new tailored submission headers, should be sent to:

Primary Care Support England

PO Box 350




If you would like to courier forms to us, there is a separate address courier firms should use which is:

Capita Document & Information Services (PCSE)

Unit 1

Roundhouse Road

Faverdale Industrial Estate





PCSE is committed to delivering NHS England’s vision for more modern, efficient and easy to use support services.  Planning for how we will achieve this transformation for ophthalmic payments is now underway.

Our aim is to design and implement systems that will simplify and, where possible, speed up the payment process to ensure we deliver the most effective service for you. 

The existing GOS forms are being re-designed and we are working towards the introduction of an electronic GOS solution.  The new developments will introduce three options for submitting GOS forms:


  1. The electronic solution, referred to as eGOS*, will provide an interface between Practice Management Systems (PMS) and PCSE systems.  Customer information will be populated directly from the details already captured in the PMS, which will allow claims to be submitted with electronic signatures, removing any requirement for hard copy, handwritten paper forms. The forms will be automatically validated and practices will be able to see the status of each claim on the PMS.

* Please note: eGOS is the name for PCSE’s brand new electronic GOS service and shouldn’t be confused with a past electronic solution on Open Exeter.


  1. The PCSE portal will offer a web-based option for submitting GOS forms online for those practices that don’t have an integrated PMS system. Customer details will be submitted via the portal and practices will be required to obtain a handwritten signature via a signature book which will be kept locally in the practice.


  1. The re-designed GOS paper forms will allow claims to either be handwritten or entered in programmable PDFs, which can be printed locally in practices and then mailed to PCSE. This will enable bulk scanning by PCSE.  The information required for the forms will remain largely unchanged, it is just the layout and look that will be updated. 


The move to electronic processes will see a more modern way of working and should help to reduce the workload of practice staff.

Other benefits include the option of being able to view the status of a claim via eGOS or the portal which will enable practices to simplify their reconciliation processes.

PCSE is working with PMS providers to develop the eGOS system and is consulting with representatives from across the optical community on all the changes.

It is anticipated the new developments will be introduced in Spring 2018.  We will use this bulletin to keep you informed of further progress about service developments. 


Best wishes

Primary Care Support England