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Special payments and pensions bulletin - 2017 June

Important information for practices, GPs and locums relating to payments and pensions administration

In this update, you will find information on:

  1. SOLO/Locum A/B forms and payments
  2. Year End - Annual Certificates and Estimates
  3. Childhood Immunisation deadlines
  4. 2017 GP registrar reimbursements
  5. Performers lists change notification requests (NPL2 and 3s)
  6. Update on patient registrations
  7. Contacting the PCSE payments and pensions team


1. Update for locums, salaried GPs and partners

SOLO/Locum A/B Forms and Payments 

Guidelines for submitting contributions by BACs or cheque are available here. If paying pension contributions by cheque please make cheques payable to either NHS England or NHS Commissioning Board.

From 1 April 2017, an administration levy was introduced by NHS Pensions. This is 0.08% of each active member’s pensionable pay. This levy is to be paid over at the same time as the employers’ contributions. So instead of paying 14.3% employers contributions every month, 14.38% should be paid over.

Please ensure that the correct rates are applied, and that the information provided in the form is clear, complete and legible in order for PCSE to apply your payments accurately, according to the correct rates and including any levies due.


  • If work has been completed and paid to the GP prior to 1 April, then the employers rate paid over should be 14.3%.
  • If the work was completed prior to 1April but paid after this date, then the employers rate to be paid over will be 14.38%.

Guidance is available on the NHS Website

For submissions that involve multiple payments, please ensure that all required data is included on your forms, to enable PCSE to allocate payments to the correct pension accounts.

Contribution forms should be emailed to:


Please put ‘SOLO or Locum A/B Forms’ in the email subject line. 

If you are posting your forms please send to: Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN.

Please ensure that you write your email address on the form in order for us to acknowledge submission.

2. Update for GP partners and GP practices

Year End - Annual Certificates and Estimates

All Annual Certificates of Pensionable profit received by the 28 February 2017 deadline and those received in March have been processed. Any adjustments that are still required due to late submission of Annual Certificates will be made at the next available payment run.

If you have not submitted an Annual Certificate, Type 2 form or Estimate, please send as a matter of importance to:


Please put Annual certificate’ or ‘Estimate’ alongside your practice code and area in the email subject line.

This email address should only be used to submit Annual Certificates and Estimates.

Where we have received and processed Annual Certificates we are in the process of updating Pensions Online with your Pension contributions for FY15/16.

Please note that if you haven’t submitted Annual Certificates for the 2015/16 financial year or earlier, then you risk losing these pension contributions as per the NHS Pensions regulations.


3. Update for GP practices

Childhood Immunisation deadlines

NHS England has confirmed that in line with existing SFE regulation, PCSE should not be processing manual childhood immunisation lists. Practices must submit details of all vaccinations via Open Exeter (NHAIS) on a quarterly basis by the dates required – see table below. PCSE will then process the payment.

PCSE do not calculate this payment. This payment is an automatic calculation based on your submission. It is important that vaccination lists are submitted before the cut-off date or PCSE will be unable to process the payment. For further information and details on how to submit vaccination lists via Open Exeter, please see the childhood immunisations guide.

NHS England has advised that any practice that fails to meet the cut-off deadline will need to contact the appropriate commissioner to request discretion and gain agreement for dispensation. A late claim can then be processed. The commissioner will then need to calculate the payment and instruct the payment to be made via PCSE.

The key dates for cut-off are:



Cohort Date

Cut-off Date

Payment Month


1st January

1st May



1st April

1st August



1st July

1st November



1st October

1st February



4. Update for GP practices

2017 GP registrar trainee programme

Planning is underway for the August 2017 registrar trainee programme to ensure all registrars are added to the National Performers List in a timely manner.

To ensure PCSE can process any reimbursements due as smoothly as possible we have produced some guidance on the information required from practices.


New registrar placements (for areas where there is no lead employer)

In order for payments to be set up for new registrar placements, please ensure:


  • That salary forms (K4)  are fully completed in conjunction with your registrar(s) There are no non-mandatory fields


  • That all K4s are sent to your Health Education England (HEE) contact as soon as possible after completion (and by 30 June latest for the August GP registrar intake). HEE will then need to send these forms to PCSE prior to the registrar starting in your practice


  • A recent payslip is required to identify registrar’s incremental date to ensure salary payments are setup correctly. Please ensure that you send this along with the completed K4 form to your local Health Education England programme office.


2017/18 salary scales

Salary scales for 2017/18 can be found here (please see page. 17 – MN37). These are the basic pensionable rates to which a 45% non-pensionable supplement is added.

For practices with current registrars, and where there is no lead employer, we are in the process of updating the system to take into account the April pay scale increases, including any arrears due.


Expense Claims

Please ensure all mileage claims include the car engine size and that all medical defence reimbursement claims (such as MDU, MPS etc.) include the breakdown which shows the hospital element (which PCSE does not reimburse). If in doubt, the medical defence provider will be able to supply this information.  The latest claim forms can be found here. All fields in the form are mandatory. Please ensure the form is fully complete to avoid any delays in processing.


Claim forms should be emailed to:


Please put ‘GPR Expenses’ along with your practice code and area in the email subject line.


Change in circumstance

Please ensure that HEE is informed of any changes in circumstance for registrars working in your practice (such as change of practice, hours of work, maternity or sick leave) at the earliest possible opportunity.  HEE will then inform PCSE who will make the necessary changes to reimbursements.


Reminder of maternity leave information requirements

If a registrar working in your practice is going on maternity leave, please inform your local HEE programme office with the following information as soon as possible prior to maternity leave commences:

  • Date maternity leave is starting
  • If SMP or maternity allowance is payable 
  • Date of return (as soon as known) as well as any accrued annual leave due
  • A new K4 should be completed as soon as possible prior to the registrar’s return so that salary payments can be re-started correctly.


Training grants

For practices who have submitted information for training grant reconciliation, PCSE is working through these as quickly as we can. Please note that for lead employer areas, training grant payments may be coded as ‘TRAG’ on the variation section of your contractual payment statement, rather than the GP Registrar statement.


5. Update for performers and GP practices

Performers lists change notification requests (NPL2 and 3s)

Working with NHS England, PCSE continues to process any outstanding performers list change requests including changes to status, home address or practice.

We are awaiting completed practice notification forms from joining / leaving practices and / or declarations from NHS England local teams before we can process a number of current performers list change requests.

If you are, or have been, contacted to provide additional information, please can you provide this as quickly as possible to enable the request to be processed.

PCSE has recently created a guide to the various types of change notifications and the supporting information required from performers, practices and other third parties. The guide can be viewed here.


For all performers  list queries, please email:


Existing applications and performers list queries are being progressed.  Please do not resubmit any applications or existing queries to this new email address. 


Pension adjustments and practice payment reconciliations

As performers list changes are processed, the payments team are completing any required pension adjustments and associated practice payment reconciliations relating to the change.  We will then write to you to explain the changes made and the impact with a full breakdown of the affected years.


6. Update on patient registrations

PCSE is responsible for processing new patient registrations and de-registrations at GP practices. We ensure that NHAIS (the national patient records database) reflects what is shown in each practice’s patient list.

We have recently pulled together some hints and tips to help ensure patients can be registered at practices as smoothly as possible. Please see the Registrations page for further information.

Also, based on feedback from GP practices a new patient removal request form has been produced, to provide clarity on all the information we need to process removal requests as efficiently as possible. This new form is now in use and can be downloaded from the Registrations page.


7. Contacting us

Based on feedback from our service users, PCSE has set up a new dedicated email address for our payments and pensions administration services:

pcse.gp-payments@nhs.net  for all payment enquiries including expense claims

pcse.gp-pensions@nhs.net for all pension enquiries including SOLO/Locum forms

pcse.annual@nhs.net  for submitting Annual Certificates, Type 2 forms or Estimates

pcse.performerlists@nhs.net for applications, change requests and queries.

Please use these new emails for all future queries and form / application submissions, which will ensure your email gets to the right team as quickly as possible.

For other queries, please continue to email us at pcse.enquiries@nhs.net


What to include in your emails

When emailing PCSE, please include the following information in the body of your email:

  • Your name
  • Your practice address and postcode
  • Your telephone number
  • Your practice code

You will receive an acknowledgement email, with a unique case reference number, when our team has started to process your enquiry. If the team do not need any further information from you, your request will simply be processed.

Please note, for security reasons, we can only log, action and respond to emails where the information above has been provided.  If this information isn’t included in the email, we will respond and request the information before reviewing the query or taking any further action.

To enable us to log and respond to email queries as efficiently as possible and avoid duplication, please can we ask that you only send email requests to one PCSE email address and that you do not copy in other PCSE email addresses (generic email boxes and individual staff members).

Sending requests to several email addresses is likely to slow down how quickly we can progress your case.