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Dental bulletin - 2017 November

Applications to join the perfomers list
Applications to join the performers list from foundation dentists who qualified this summer have progressed well. All applications including those with incomplete or missing information have been sent to NHS England for a decision, with the exception of a small number of applicants who are yet to attend scheduled face-to-face meetings. The decision to admit or decline an applicant to the National Performers Lists is the responsibility of NHS England.

Details on the application process are available here

Performer list change notifications 
Updates and change requests are being processed and we are working to reduce the time taken to process change notifications by December 2017. PCSE is actively working with NHS England and performers where information is missing in order to complete the application process.
If you are, or have been, contacted to provide additional information, please can you provide this as quickly as possible to enable the request to be processed. NHS England has agreed that where information has been requested and not received, one reminder communication will be sent followed by a final letter.  After this point, PCSE will be required to suspend the change request.
Details on the performers list change notification process are available here


Future service developments

The vision for primary care support services is to transform what were previously locally managed operations into a modern and efficient national customer-focused service.
Currently, PCSE Online (which has also been referred to as the ‘PCSE Portal’) provides dental practices with a quick and easy way for ordering and tracking their NHS stationery. As part of the service transformation programme, PCSE Online will also provide dental performers with a new, simple way of submitting and tracking performer list applications and change notifications.
PCSE Online will guide users through the application and change processes, checking information provided in real time, and highlighting any missing information which may currently lead to an application being returned to a performer for being incomplete, creating delays in the process. The online service will also enable performers to track the status of applications and changes. Further information on plans for the new service, can be viewed here.