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GP bulletin - 2017 November

This bulletin has been emailed to the main contact we hold at your practice only.  Please share with colleagues in your practice.
In this bulletin, you will find updates on:

Christmas and New Year: CitySprint and contact centre arrangements
IMPORTANT – new contact details for ALL GP Payments and Pensions requests and queries
Planned Downtime of Exeter System
Medical Records movement update
Performers Lists change notifications
Service transformation update
Contacting PCSE


Christmas and New Year arrangements
CitySprint collections and deliveries

Supplies deliveries and medical records collections / deliveries will continue to run on your normal CitySprint delivery day throughout the Christmas period. The exception is for practices whose collection and delivery day is a Tuesday.  
Please note, there will not be a collection and delivery on Tuesday 26 December. For practices with a Tuesday delivery day, your last CitySprint visit in 2017 will be Tuesday 19 December. Your next visit will then be Tuesday 2 January 2018. Please take this into account when ordering your supplies in December.
Customer Support Centre opening hours

The normal opening hours for the Customer Support Centre are:
08.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday
Telephone: 0333 014 2884
Over the Christmas period the contact centre will be open as usual with the exception of Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 December 2017 and Monday 1 January 2018, when we are closed for the bank holidays.

GP Payments and Pensions
Important – new contact details for ALL GP payments and pensions requests and queries
In response to feedback from practices and practitioners, PCSE is introducing a new, simple online form for GP payments and pensions administration and queries in December 2017.
The online form should be used to:

  • Submit your all payments and pensions forms to PCSE including annual certificates of pensionable pay/profit, type 2 self-assessment forms, GP Solo and Locum A & B forms
  • Send a query regarding a particular claim or payment
  • Find guidance and information on payment and pension topics

The online form will ensure the quickest possible response time to your requests and queries. You will be prompted for all the information PCSE needs to process your request.
Once you submit your form, you will receive an acknowledgement email and a copy of your query.
We will send a further update when the form is ready to use.

Important pensions processes
Every year, practitioners are required to complete and submit either a Type 2 Medical Practitioner Self-Assessment of Tiered Contributions Form or Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit Certificate. GP practices are required to complete and submit an Estimate of GP (and non-GP) Providers NHS Pensionable Profits/ Pay. All forms will be available imminently for download on the NHS Pensions website here.
The table below summarises what needs to be completed, by whom and the deadline for submission.


Form To be completed by Deadline for submission to PCSE
Type 2 Medical Practitioner Self-Assessment of Tiered Contributions Form
Salaried/Assistant GPs (Type 2)
28 February 2018
Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit Certificate GP Partners and non-GP (Type 1) Limited company/partnership/single hander 28 February 2018
2018/19 Estimate of GP (and non-GP) Providers NHS Pensionable Profits/ Pay 2018/19 GP Practices 1 March 2018

These forms are required so that PCSE can make any necessary adjustments to ensure the correct pension deductions are made from your practice in the following financial year (from April 2018).
Further guidance on these pensions processes will also be available on the NHS Pensions website
Training grants
PCSE receives instruction to pay GP trainer grants and enhanced services from NHS England local offices. PCSE is up to date with all payments of trainer grants and enhanced services we have been instructed to pay by the NHS England local offices.
Update on GP trainee salaries
The lead employer for Health Education England or the GP practice is responsible for paying their GP trainee’s salary and they are subsequently reimbursed for this.  In the two and a half areas where PCSE administers trainee salaries (i.e. where there is no lead employer) PCSE has already reimbursed all salaries where the full information has been provided. If you have not yet provided the required information to PCSE, details on the process and what is needed can be found on the GP Payments and Pensions page of the PCSE website. Click here and scroll down to ‘GP registrar reimbursements’.


Planned Downtime of Exeter Systems - Please share this message with colleagues in your practice who provide cervical screening services
In our last bulletin, we shared details about essential NHAIS server maintenance being carried out by NHS Digital in 28 specific areas.
The programme of work began in early November and has been progressing smoothly. 
Further work will continue up to July 2018.  A lists of areas that will be affected is available on the
PCSE website.
If your area is affected, the Exeter system will be unavailable for three days starting from 7pm on the start date until 12pm on the end date. During this time you will not be able to access the system for any screening administration tasks, including downloading the HMR101/5 form. You will also be unable to upload childhood immunisation target data. The downtime will also have a small impact on timescales for PCSE processing new patient registrations and de-registrations for practices.


Medical Records
New medical record movement service - update
Over half the country is now using the new medical records movement service and in those areas 85% of medical records are delivered to the new practice within seven days of collection.

The new service will be introduced to practices in phase three, which covers London and the South East on week commencing 3 December 2017. Practices in phase four covering the South West will receive details on how and when the service will be rolled out in their area in the coming weeks.


Update on outstanding medical records

Over the last year, some practices reported that they have not received medical records they were expecting. Following a detailed analysis, it was found that the largest proportion of records were still with the previous GP practice where the patient had been registered.
In areas using the new record movement service
PCSE is in the process of delivering tracking labels to help move these outstanding records from previous practices to the new practices. Practices with lower volumes of records to move will have started to receive tracking labels. If your practice has received labels for outstanding records, your prompt attention to locating and forwarding these on would be much appreciated.
Practices with larger numbers of records to move will be contacted by their local
national engagement team (NET) representative and provided with a list of outstanding records and guidance on the process if required.
In areas not yet using the new record movement service
Please release any outstanding medical records to CitySprint before the new records movement service is introduced to your practice.
If your practice is in phase three, from 8 January 2018, CitySprint will only be able to collect labelled records from your practice, so we would encourage practices to release records using your current process before this date.
Further information and FAQs can be found


Performer Lists

Updates and changes of status requests are being processed and we are working with NHS England to reduce the time taken to process these types of requests by the end of December. We are actively working with NHS England and performers where information is missing in order to complete the application process.

Transformation Update

Through the services transformation programme, PCSE is looking to create easy-to-use services that will simplify a number of administration processes, including:

  • Medical records movement
  • GP payments and pensions administrations
  • Performers list admission and changes
  • Screening administration support

The design, approach and plans for new services are being produced jointly PCSE, NHS England and other stakeholders including NHS Digital and Public Health England. Implementation dates for each new service will be set and agreed by NHS England, and will be informed by significant testing of the new solutions to ensure they are accurate and effective.
Please check the
PCSE website for regular updates on service transformation plans.

Contacting PCSE
To make it simpler for practices to know who to contact in PCSE for what, an enquiry form is available on the PCSE website: https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/contact-us/.
We would encourage practices to use this as the form contains all the required fields PCSE will need to process your query, and selecting the ‘type of enquiry’ ensures your query gets to the right team as quickly as possible.  As part of our plans for the future, we are looking to add an auto-response to this facility. In the meantime, please be assured that your enquiry will be sent to the correct team.


Best wishes
Primary Care Support England