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Cervical Screening bulletin - 2017 October

Update November 2019

Cervical Screening administration support

The Cervical Screening administration service is now managed by the NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS). All information relating to the Cervical Screening administration service can now be found on the NHS Cervical Screening Administration Service website. Please visit that page for further details, contact us page, and cervical screening administration forms.


Welcome to the latest edition of your PCSE bulletin

In this bulletin you will find updates on:

  • Ceasing forms for use in GP practices
  • National Operational Review meeting
  • National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) Conference
  • Developing national processes for cervical screening administration
  • Responding to enquiries via the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)
  • Contacting the customer support centre (CSC) – information for labs and clinics
  • Future service developments – transforming how we support you
    • What difference will the new developments make?
  • PCSE’s National Engagement Team (NET) – Here to help you


Ceasing forms for use in GP practices

Public Health England (PHE) is continuing to work on a process for standardising ceasing forms for use in GP practices.  Whilst this work is ongoing, please continue to follow the process you currently have for notifying PCSE of any ceasing requests. 

If you don’t have a form that you currently use locally for ceasing women from the programme, please email and put ‘Screening request for ceasing form’ in the subject header.

Please ensure the form is fully completed, includes all the relevant information and is signed by the required signatories to enable us to update the system accurately.


National Operational Review meeting

The monthly national operational review meeting is being relaunched.  These meetings began in September 2016 and provide an opportunity for PCSE to hear directly from the Cervical Screening community.  We have benefitted greatly from the attendance of representatives from laboratories, NHS England Public Health teams, colposcopy clinics and Screening and Immunisation Team members.

We get together to identify improvements that can be made to how we work together, share updates, and listen to first-hand feedback about the service. The meetings will now be chaired by the new Head of Screening at PCSE, and will be held monthly via teleconference and quarterly face-to-face. 

We are committed to providing a supportive service for the national call/recall programme, and would welcome new participants in the group.  To register your interest, or to find out more, please contact *deleted email address*


National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) Conference

PCSE has a stand at this year’s NAPC conference, which is taking place on 18-19 October at the NEC in Birmingham.  If you are attending the conference, please come and visit us at stand L28 to learn more about plans for giving our customers easier access to services through PCSE Online (read more about this under Future Service Developments below).


Developing national processes for cervical screening administration

In keeping with NHS England’s vision to create modern and efficient national primary care support services, PCSE is in the process of developing standard procedures for our cervical screening administration service to ensure they are delivered consistently and to the same standard for all laboratories, clinics and GP practices nationally.


Responding to email queries from the screening community

We have introduced a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to log all call and recall enquiries and keep a record of responses, to enable us to manage email queries as efficiently as possible.  When you email PCSE, you will receive an email response to acknowledge receipt of your enquiry, which will include a unique case reference number.  This number will be clearly marked and will appear in the following format e.g. CAS-123456-A1B2C3

Please include this case reference number in the email subject line of any further emails about your query so that we can make sure it is attached to the correct case, and gives a clear record of all related correspondence.


Contacting the customer support centre (CSC) - laboratories and clinics

We are in the process of adding laboratories and clinics to our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  The next step is to identify users within each of those settings and, for security reasons, to agree the appropriate identification and verification process that they will need to follow when contacting our CSC with enquiries.  We will agree with NHS England what that security information should be for laboratories and clinics and will let you know as soon as possible. 


Future service developments – transforming how we support you

In our last bulletin we outlined plans to transform the cervical screening administrative support that we provide.

PCSE supports the National Cervical Screening Programme by:

  • Providing Prior Notification Lists (PNLs) of patients due for screening to GP practices
  • Sending out call and recall letters to patients eligible for cervical screening tests
  • Notifying patients of test results once we receive these from laboratories
  • Receiving and updating discharge lists from colposcopy clinics
  • Updating patient records with results

Through the transformation programme, we are looking to simplify some of the steps in these processes so that we can deliver a more effective service for you and for women in the NHS Cervical Screening Programme.  We are not changing what we do, just improving the way we deliver the service by using more modern technology. 

The plan is to introduce these changes in Summer 2018.

The most noticeable difference that you will see is the replacement of the current NHAIS database and Open Exeter interface (also known as the ‘Exeter system’) with a single database accessed via PCSE Online (which has previously been referred to as the PCSE Portal).

PCSE Online will have a different look and feel to Open Exeter.  We are looking to create something that is easier to navigate, and be simple and intuitive to use.  It will provide easy access to Prior Notification Lists for GP practices, a single patient database, as well as new functionality for Defence Medical Services and Integrated Sexual Health Services.  See our benefits table below for more details.

We will be sending out further information to all users about the screening administration transformation over the coming months, including the IT specification required to access PCSE Online, and how to register to use the new service.

Following our last bulletin we were pleased to receive a very positive response from members of the screening community who want to support us in testing the new system.  If you put yourself forward, we will be in touch soon with further information.

We will use this bulletin to keep everyone updated so please share it further with any colleagues that will need to know about our plans to improve the service.  If you have any enquiries about the service developments, please contact your local NET team representative


What difference will the new developments make?

Take a look at the benefits the new developments will bring by clicking here.


PCSE’s National Engagement Team (NET) – Here to help you

The PCSE National Engagement Team (NET) provides face to face support to our service users. The team is made up of 45 members. Each member of the team is aligned to a particular part of the country, and is responsible for:

-       Building up local relationships with service users, stakeholder groups, and regional teams

-       Providing up to date information on PCSE services and any planned changes, to help ensure people know how to use and access our services

-       Feeding back suggestions for improvement, and ensuring any local issues are understood and fed back to PCSE operations teams.

As we work through the transformation of the screening administration service,  the NET will be on hand to support the screening community in their preparations for service changes.

A list of the NET members, along with their contact details and the regions they support can be found on the here – please get in touch if you need any local insights or if you’d like to talk about what’s happening in a particular region.


Best wishes

Primary Care Support England