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Optician's bulletin - 2017 October

In this bulletin you will find updates on:
The process for claiming your Continuing Education & Training grant in 2017
Performer List update
National Performers Lists transformation update
Submitting GOS claim forms to PCSE
Change of address for couriers delivering GOS forms to Darlington
PCSE identification and verification process
PCSE’s National Engagement Team – Here to help you

How to claim your Continuing Education and Training grant in 2017 

The window for submitting Continuing Education and Training (CET) claims to PCSE opened on 1 July 2017 and will remain open until 31 October 2017.

***Please note: CET claims must be submitted by the contractor, not the individual performer.***

Claims for CET undertaken by ophthalmic practitioners between 1 January to 31 December 2016 must be submitted during this period and should be sent to pcse.optical@nhs.net
A payment can be claimed by a contractor in respect of either:

  1. CET he/she has undertaken personally in the year between 1 January to 31 December 2016.
  2. CET undertaken in the year between 1 January to 31 December 2016 by an ophthalmic practitioner on the Ophthalmic Performers List.

The CET allowance for 2016 is £545.

To submit a claim, please follow these five steps:

  1. Complete the form which can be found on the Department of Health Website
  2. Sign and date the form in the appropriate place(s)
  3. Scan the signed form and attach to an email
  4. Put ‘2017 CET claim’ in the email subject header
  5. Email to pcse.optical@nhs.net

Each claim received will be assigned a case reference number.  We will send you an email confirming your case reference number which should be quoted in any subsequent correspondence. If you haven’t received a case reference number within four weeks you should contact PCSE.
Please note you are asked to submit only one claim form per email so that each form has a unique case reference that can be tracked.  

The preferred route for submitting CET claims is by email to pcse.optical@nhs.net but if you prefer to submit by post you can send to:
Primary Care Support England
PO Box 350

If you are including CET claims with GOS claims submitted by post, please ensure that you place the CET claims on top of the GOS claims to enable them to be identified and processed more easily.
We will endeavour to pay CET claims on the next payment run after they are received however we are currently experiencing a high volume so please bear with us as we process them.
Important: Claim forms submitted to any other email or postal addresses will not be processed. 
Performer List update
NPL1 applications, from optometrists who qualified in August, are being processed in line with expected requirements.

  • Over 76% of applications from the July cohort are complete with the remainder in progress
  • Optometrists with completed applications should have by now received an email with their inclusion letter as an attachment which includes their OPL number. If you have not received this please contact us at PCSE.performerlists@nhs.net
  • In order to progress cases where an 01 number has not been provided to us, we are checking the General Optical Council website daily in order to progress those applications
  • Packs are being prepared in advance of us obtaining 01 numbers for both cohorts to speed up application processing times
  • We are currently awaiting a small number of 01 numbers for the July cohort – once received they will be progressed to the NHS local offices
  • Third party checks are outstanding for some performers and are mainly awaiting DBS checks and references  
  • PCSE is working to complete all outstanding July applications before the October exam results
  • 230 applications have been received for the September cohort – three have been returned due to missing information and the remainder are in progress.  

Pre-registration optometrists, who sat the September OSCEs, should submit their completed NPL1 application to PCSE.performerlists@nhs.net as soon as possible, putting ‘NPL1 form – Sept cohort- [name]’ in the email subject line.

All applicants are encouraged to obtain a DBS certificate and register with the online service if they have not already done so.

National Performers Lists transformation update
PCSE is planning to introduce a simple online service next year for submitting and tracking performer list applications and change notifications. All applications and change notifications will be made via PCSE Online, removing the need to download and send paper forms .
We’ll be sending out further information to all performers and practices over the coming months, including the IT specification required to access PCSE Online, and how to register to use the new service.

Submitting GOS claim forms to PCSE
To ensure we can process your claims as efficiently as possible please could we ask that you send all your GOS claim forms, by the agreed submission dates, to the Darlington address below.  
Submitting forms to the Preston office or anywhere other than Darlington will result in delayed payments.
All GOS claim forms with accompanying new tailored submission headers, should be sent to:
Primary Care Support England
PO Box 350
Please attach two copies of the tailored submission header to each batch of GOS claims. One copy will be returned to you to assist with the reconciliation of payments.
A list of all claim form submission dates for each area can be found here.
Your support in this matter will enable us to ensure we can make your payments according to the agreed timescales.
Change of address for courier deliveries to Darlington
If you use a courier service to send your GOS claim forms, there is a separate courier address.  Please note that the new address for contractors who use couriers changed on 29 August 2017 and is now:
Capita Intelligent Communications
Building 17, Units 2 & 6
Lingfield Point
McMullen Road
This REPLACES the previous Roundhouse Road address that couriers used.  Anyone who uses a courier service to send GOS forms to PCSE should use this new address for all future deliveries.
Important update about contacting PCSE and the identification & verification process
For data security reasons, PCSE can only respond to email or phone queries from people who have registered to use PCSE Online (which has also been referred to as the ‘PCSE Portal’).
Online registration enables PCSE to carry out the necessary identification and verification checks – and ensures we only to respond to authorised contacts in your practice. 
If your practice is already registered on PCSE Online, the main contact/super user will be able to add or amend additional users in your practice.  We would encourage you to check the named contacts that are currently included under your practice registration and update accordingly. 
For more information about PCSE Online, including how to add or amend users in your practice, please visit www.pcse.england.nhs.uk/help
PCSE’s National Engagement Team (NET) – Here to help you
The PCSE National Engagement Team (NET) provides face to face support to our service users. The team is made up of 45 members. Each member of the team is aligned to a particular part of the country, and is responsible for:
-     Building up local relationships with service users, stakeholder groups, and regional teams
-     Providing up to date information on PCSE services and any planned changes, to help ensure people know how to use and access our services
-     Feeding back suggestions for improvement, and ensuring any local issues are understood and fed back to PCSE operations teams.

As we work through the transformation of our services, the NET will be on hand to support opticians.
A list of the NET members, along with their contact details and the regions they support can be found on the NET team page – please get in touch if you’d like to talk about what’s happening in a particular region.
Best wishes
Primary Care Support England