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Pharmacy Bulletin - 2017 October

In this bulletin, you will find updates on:

PCSE Market Entry team aligned with NHS England regions
Dedicated email address for Market Entry applications and queries
Requesting a call back about an existing application
PCSE Online
The PCSE National Engagement Team (NET)

PCSE Market Entry team aligned to work with NHS England regions

We have reorganised Market Entry into four new teams to reflect the four NHS England (NHSE) regions.  Our staff will now process pharmacy applications and enquiries according to geographical location – North, South, London, Midlands and East.
Moving forward, PCSE Market Entry team members will set up monthly calls with the NHSE local offices to develop closer working relationships.   These calls are being set up in the next few weeks. We are keen to make sure that there is good representation from local offices on these calls and will work with PSORG (Pharmaceutical Services Operational Reference Group) to try and maximise attendance and involvement.

Contacting PCSE

Dedicated email address for Market Entry applications and queries

Don’t forget we have our dedicated email address for all Market Entry applications and queries:
Please use this email for all Market Entry enquiries.  This will ensure your email gets to the Market Entry team as quickly as possible. The team will then log, review and respond to your query.
When emailing PCSE Market Entry, please include the following information in the body of your email:

  • Your name
  • Your pharmacy ODS / F Code (if available)
  • Pharmacy name, address and postcode
  • Your telephone number

You will receive an acknowledgement email, with a unique case reference number, when our team has started to process your enquiry. If the team do not require any further information from you, your request will be processed.

To enable us to log and respond to email queries as efficiently as possible and avoid duplication, please can we ask that you only send email requests to one PCSE email address and that you do not copy in other PCSE email addresses (generic email boxes and individual staff members).
Sending requests to several email addresses is likely to slow down how quickly we can progress your case.

Please note, for security reasons, we can only log, action and respond to emails where the information, as described above, has been provided.  If this
information isn’t included in the email, we will respond and request the information before reviewing the query or taking any further action.
For all other queries, please continue to contact the PCSE Customer Support Centre at:
Phone: 0333 014 2884 and select option 4 for Market Entry.

Requesting a call back about an existing application

If you have a query about an ongoing application you can email the Market Entry team to request a call back.  Please send your call back request to the dedicated email address pcse.marketentry@nhs.net including your case reference number and contact details.  We will not be able to call you back if this information isn’t included.
PCSE Online

The vision for primary care support services is to transform what were previously locally managed operations into a modern and efficient national customer-focused service.
To achieve this, we are looking to give primary care providers easier access to services through PCSE Online.
Currently, PCSE Online (which has also been referred to as the ‘Portal’) provides pharmacies with a quick and easy way for ordering and tracking NHS stationery, including pre-printed forms, and Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) tokens.
Over the next year PCSE Online is planning to provide pharmacies with a simpler, online means of making and tracking Market Entry applications.
If you would like to find out more about our service transformation programme please see the ‘What’s changing’ section of the website for updates on what’s happening and when around service transformation plans.

The PCSE National Engagement Team (NET)
The PCSE NET is made up of 45 members of staff, each aligned to a particular area of the country, and responsible for:

  • Building up local relationships with practices, stakeholder groups, and regional teams
  • Providing up to date information on PCSE services and any planned   changes, to help ensure practices know how to use and access services
  • Feeding back suggestions for improvement, and ensuring any local issues are understood

A list of the NET members, along with their contact details and the regions they support can be found on the PCSE website – please get in touch if you would like to talk about what’s happening in your area.
Best wishes
Primary Care Support England