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Cervical Screening bulletin​ - 2018 April

Update November 2019

Cervical Screening administration support

The Cervical Screening administration service is now managed by the NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS). All information relating to the Cervical Screening administration service can now be found on the NHS Cervical Screening Administration Service website. Please visit that page for further details, contact us page, and cervical screening administration forms.

Welcome to the latest edition of your PCSE cervical screening bulletin

In this edition you will find information about:

  • The process for colposcopy discharge back to primary care
  • National Operational Review meetings scheduled until July 2018
  • Contact details for your primary care support services
  • Contacting the customer support centre (CSC) – laboratories and clinics
  • Planned downtime of Exeter systems
  • Future service developments:
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for transformation


The process for colposcopy discharge back to primary care

In March 2017 Public Health England developed national guidance for colposcopy regarding the discharge of women back to Primary Care.

Colposcopy clinics inform PCSE of women who have been discharged from colposcopy care for follow up in the community.  The method of notification is a monthly list submitted to PCSE in an electronic file, which can be transmitted securely via N3 (NHS net). 

PHE produced a template for submitting the monthly lists, which is attached to their guidance.  Use of the template is not mandatory but PCSE requests that lists submitted in alternative formats should include the same amount of information as is required in the template.

The discharge lists should be emailed to the PCSE screening team, putting Discharge List in the subject line.  PCSE will acknowledge receipt of the list and notify clinics if there are any records that cannot be amended. 

The PCSE screening team will then update the next text due date (NTDD) for each woman. Please can we ask that the NTDD is a full date that includes DAY/MONTH/YEAR. Submissions that only have the month and year will be returned because we cannot process the NTDD without a set day being specified.


National Operational Review Meetings

The National Operational Review meetings have now been scheduled for the next four months.  We are keen to hold these meetings in person when possible and are booking venues around the country to try to make them accessible.  We will still provide teleconferencing facilities as well.

Representatives from laboratories, NHS England Public Health teams, colposcopy clinics and Screening and Immunisation Team members are all welcome.  The meetings provide an opportunity to share updates, give feedback and respond to questions. They will also be a chance to hear more about our future plans for the screening administration service.

Head of Screening at PCSE, chairs and coordinates the meetings.  He will send out diary invites with further details of locations and times ahead of each meeting.

If you have any issues you would like to raise at the meeting, please send them to Lee in advance so that the agenda can be planned accordingly.

To register your interest, find out more or receive the meeting invites, please contact 




30 April 2018


30 May 2018


28 June


26 July



Contact details for your primary care support services

Some correspondence for PCSE is still being received by the previous NHS England PCS sites and these will start to be returned to sender.  To ensure your queries and requests can be processed as efficiently as possible, please can you ensure colleagues in your practice are aware of the contact details to use, which can be found on the Contact Us page.

Contacting the customer support centre (CSC) – laboratories and clinics

In order for PCSE to securely respond to questions and queries from laboratories and clinics, staff within those settings need to be registered as authorised service users on our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Our National Engagement Team are continuing with the process of emailing all labs and clinics asking them to identify users who should be added to CRM.  This information will then be updated on our system so that these users will be able to contact the Customer Support Centre (CSC) with enquiries.

This process is already well underway. Thank you to those who have returned their forms.  We will continue to gather the information in the coming weeks.  Please look out for the email from your NET representative.

Planned downtime of Exeter systems

In early November 2017, NHS Digital began a programme of work to carry out essential NHAIS server maintenance in 28 specific areas across England.

The work is ongoing and continuing during 2018.  It will affect access to the Exeter system and some PCSE services. A list of areas that will be affected and the proposed dates that the work will be carried out in each location is available on the link below.

If your area is affected, the Exeter system will be unavailable for up to three days starting from 7pm on the start date until 12pm on the end date.  During this time you will not be able to access the system for any screening administration tasks such as downloading the

HMR101/5 form or sending result files.  The downtime will also have a small impact on timescales for PCSE processing new patient registrations and de-registrations for practices.

The work to date has been running smoothly.

Check the latest schedule and updates.

Future service developments – latest update 

PCSE is working with NHS England to modernise and simplify processes that support the National Cervical Screening Programme.  The transformation programme will introduce new IT systems that support cervical screening – the most noticeable difference will be the replacement of the NHAIS database and Open Exeter interface.

The design, approach and plans have been produced jointly by PCSE, NHS England, NHS Digital and Public Health England.   The current priority for all parties involved is to confirm the national approach to data management. All parties have been working to have new processes ready from Summer 2018.  The national data management approach is still to be confirmed and this influences when the service will be available. 

Delivery dates will be set and agreed by NHS England, and will be informed by significant testing of the new processes to ensure they are accurate and effective

Once the national data management approach has been confirmed, further information, including the timescales for introducing the new service and how to register to use it, will be shared with all involved in the delivery of the cervical screening programme. 

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for transformation

Thank you to all those who volunteered to support the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the new service.  As described above, PCSE is working with NHS England, NHS Digital and Public Health England to confirm the national approach to data management. 

Until this is agreed we cannot confirm the timings for UAT.  When we have further information, we will contact all those who volunteered with further details.