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Cervical Screening bulletin - 2018 August

Update November 2019

Cervical Screening administration support

The Cervical Screening administration service is now managed by the NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS). All information relating to the Cervical Screening administration service can now be found on the NHS Cervical Screening Administration Service website. Please visit that page for further details, contact us page, and cervical screening administration forms.

Welcome to the latest edition of the PCSE bulletin for Screening where you will find updates on:

New online enquiry form for cervical screening queries
Helping laboratories and clinics to contact PCSE with queries
Laboratories to advise PCSE if sending increased number of results
Submitting cease, defer and colposcopy forms to PCSE
GP signature requirements for a deferral form

New online enquiry form for cervical screening – coming soon
We are planning to introduce a new online enquiry form for cervical screening queries.
The form will be on the Contact Us page of the PCSE website and will contain screening specific options to ensure your query gets to the right team as quickly as possible.  The tailor-made form includes all the required fields PCSE will need to process your enquiry.  The different enquiry types include the facility to upload and send: 

  • Ceasing and Deferral forms
  • Colposcopy Discharge Lists
  • Cancer Research UK (CRUK) requests
  • Cervical Screening test results where required 
  • Laboratory Queries
  • General Enquiries

The online form will be available to all members of the screening community and we will send out further details as soon as the form is available.
Helping laboratories and clinics to register with PCSE to improve contact
In order for staff from laboratories and clinics to be able to contact PCSE they must be registered as authorised service users on PCSE’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  
Individuals wishing to use the forthcoming, new online enquiry form or contact PCSE’s Customer Service Centre (CSC) by phone, need to go through an identification and verification process (ID&V).
To ensure the appropriate identification and verification (ID&V) checks are in place Public Health England are kindly supporting our initiative to contact all laboratories and clinics to gather the relevant contact information.   An email explaining the data gathering exercise, along with instructions for completing an excel spreadsheet, was sent out to all labs and clinics on Monday 23 July.  
One spreadsheet per organisation should be completed with the name and contact details of the primary contact and any additional staff that may have a requirement to make contact with PCSE.  We also need the: 

  • Organisation Code (which can be found on the NHS Digital website on the NHS Trusts spreadsheet)
  • Laboratory National Code (Labs only)

It is important labs and clinics provide this information as it will enable us to make the relevant updates to the CRM system so that staff in those settings can raise queries
If you are not registered, we may not be able to respond to your enquiry or it may result in a delay in responding.

Please return the completed spreadsheet *deleted email address* to enable the information to be updated promptly.

If you did not receive a copy of the form you can download a copy here and return it to Paul and Sara at the email addresses above.
If you have any queries please contact the National Engagement Team for your area.
Laboratories to advise PCSE if sending increased number of results
We would appreciate it if laboratories could notify us in advance if they are experiencing a backlog and anticipate they will be sending an increased number of results to PCSE.  We have noticed a spike in results around bank holidays, so to help ensure we can process everything in a timely way, it would be useful if labs could advise us if they’re planning to send more results than usual so that we can plan our resources and staff accordingly. 
Submitting forms to PCSE
Cease, Defer and Colposcopy Discharge Forms
If you need to submit cease or deferral forms, please email them to the PCSE office that processes your work:
Leeds: *deleted email address*
Preston office: *deleted email address*
Clacton: *deleted email address*
Laboratories with time-sensitive results queries
If laboratories have an urgent enquiry, specifically in relation to result files, please contact the PCSE office that processes your work:

Leeds - *deleted email address*

Preston – *deleted email address*

Clacton - *deleted email address*

These email addresses will only be monitored for these types of enquiries.  Any other queries cannot be responded to from these accounts. 
For all other queries, please use the online enquiry form on the PCSE website at: www.pcse.england.nhs.uk/contact-us or call the PCSE’s Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884.

The new, updated online enquiry form referenced earlier in the bulletin will remove the need to email different addresses as all correspondence will be uploaded via the form. 
GP signature requirements for a deferral form

We have received some queries about which signatures are required when deferring a woman from the cervical screening programme.  Public Health England have advised the current acceptance for ceasing signatures as outlined below:
No Cervix – Clinician’s signature OR via a PNL which is electronically auditable
Age – Clinician’s signature.  This is required because usually age would automatically take a woman out of the programme which means they are only in the call/recall system if a previous abnormality has not had the appropriate follow up and therefore a clinician’s signature is required
Mental Capacity Act (MCA) – Clinician’s signature.  A signature from a family member or a member of the care team is also required.
Informed choice – Woman’s signature only
Radiotherapy – Clinician’s signature 

At a glance... 

Cease Form Clinician Signature Patient  Signature
Cease due to No Cervix Y N
Cease due to Age (not automatic had abnormalities) Y N
Cease due to Mental Capacity Act Y N
Cease due to Informed Choice N Y
Cease due to Radiotherapy Y N