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GP Bulletin - 2018 August

In this bulletin, you will find updates on:
Total Reward Statements
Tracking label deliveries - update

Using ‘High Security’ setting on your clinical system
Adding non-clinical partners to your practice
GP payments and pensions
Cervical screening
Important update regarding redirecting confidential patient information


Important information regarding GP Pension Total Reward Statements – please share with practitioners working in your practice
GP Pension Total Reward Statements will be issued by NHS Pensions in two phases in 2018, with the first phase being issued in August and the remainder in December 2018.
These will be available for practitioners to view via www.totalrewardstatements.nhs.uk
For those accounts where full and correct certificates were submitted to PCSE by the 28 February deadline, and where certificates for all previous years had been received and processed correctly, the updated Total Reward Statement will be available to view in August. 
For the remaining accounts where full and correct information has now been received, NHS England, PCSE and NHS Pensions are collectively aiming for the updated Total Reward Statement to be made available from December 2018. 
You will be advised directly if any further information is required to update your account.


Tracking label deliveries - update
Following the email sent to practices on Monday 20 August, the IT issue affecting the printing of tracking labels has now been resolved.
Practices with a
Tuesday or Wednesday delivery day
Your practice will have received either no label delivery this week, or a small number of labels. Your practice may receive a higher than usual quantity of tracking labels next week.
Practices with a
Thursday delivery day
Your practice may now receive a delivery of tracking labels this week from the City Sprint courier. There may be a higher than usual volume of labels this week.
If you do not receive a label delivery this week, your practice may receive a higher than usual quantity of tracking labels next week.
Practices with a
Friday delivery day
Your practice should receive a delivery of tracking labels this week. There may be a higher than usual volume of labels this week.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

When to use the High Security setting on practice clinical systems
The High Security setting on your clinical system should only be used when requested to do so by PCSE. Guidance is available on the ‘Help’ section of the website which details typical examples of when High Security should be used. Please click here to view the guidance, or type ‘High Security’ into the search bar on the PCSE website.
Adding non-clinical partners to your practice
Please inform PCSE if a non-clinical partner joins your practice. This will ensure that the details PCSE holds about the Partnership reflect those outlined in the contract with NHS England.
To add a non-clinical partner:

  • Email: PCSE.Performerlists@nhs.net.
  • In the subject box please enter Non Clinical Partner Request and provide your practice ODS code (this is a letter followed by five numbers. If you don’t know your practice ODS code, please contact the ODS Team at NHS Digital on 0300 303 4034 or via email at Exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net.)

In the body of the email, please state that you would like to add a non-clinical partner to your practice, and provide the non-clinical partner’s:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • National Insurance Number
  • Email address
  • Effective date

PCSE will contact the practice by telephone if any further information is required.
Once PCSE has processed the request, confirmation will be emailed to the non-clinical partner. The practice contact will also receive a copy of this confirmation email.

GP Payments and Pensions
Pension administration when a new GP joins your practice
When a new GP joins your practice, it is important that you send an updated Estimate of Earnings to PCSE via the enquiries form. If an estimate is not received, the GP’s salary will be set to the national average and incorrect contributions will be taken. Please note: Practices should send the estimate only when the performer has received notification that the performer list change has been confirmed.
If the performer has received confirmation of the change and your practice has sent a new estimate to PCSE, please allow at least one month following your next payment run for the pension adjustments to take place.

Change of practice bank details
If you need to change the bank details for your practice, please follow the process detailed on the PCSE website here. Please note PCSE cannot change bank details. An instruction to do so is provided to Shared Business Services (SBS) via the NHS England local team.
GP trainee reimbursements
From 1 August 2018, PCSE is no longer responsible for reimbursing GP trainee salary and expenses in the Thames Valley area. The lead employer for this area is now the Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust. Further information is available at www.pat.nhs.uk/education-and-research/lead-employer.htm
PCSE does not processes salary reimbursements or expenses for GP trainees unless there is a local agreement to do so. In Wessex and Yorkshire and The Humber, PCSE is only responsible for a small number of trainee reimbursements. Please send any queries via the online enquiries form.
If your practice is in a lead employer area, please contact them directly for information relating to future salary reimbursement. PCSE is responsible for processing training grants, however payment must be requested via your NHS England local area team who will then instruct PCSE to make the payment.

Childcare voucher reimbursement queries
Queries on reimbursements for childcare vouchers should be sent to the lead employer for your area. If your practice is in a non-lead employer area, please submit these queries to your NHS England local team.
Increase in Global Sum payment
NHS England have advised that there will be an increase in the Global Sum payment from 87.92 per patient to 88.96 per patient. The payment will be made in your usual monthly practice payment and will be back-dated to April 2018 for any practices in receipt of Global Sum at this time.
Cervical Screening
Submitting forms to PCSE
Cease, Defer and Colposcopy Discharge Forms
If you need to submit cease or deferral forms, please email them to the PCSE office that processes your work:
Preston office:
These email addresses will only be monitored for these types of enquiries.  Any other queries cannot be responded to from these accounts. 
For all other queries, please use the online enquiry form on the PCSE website at:
www.pcse.england.nhs.uk/contact-us or call the PCSE’s Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884.
GP signature requirements for a deferral form
We have received some queries about which signatures are required when deferring a woman from the cervical screening programme.  Public Health England have advised the current acceptance for ceasing signatures as outlined below:
No Cervix – Clinician’s signature OR via a PNL which is electronically auditable

Age – Clinician’s signature.  This is required because usually age would automatically take a woman out of the programme which means they are only in the call/recall system if a previous abnormality has not had the appropriate follow up and therefore a clinician’s signature is required
Mental Capacity Act (MCA) – Clinician’s signature.  A signature from a family member or a member of the care team is also required.
Informed choice – Woman’s signature only
Radiotherapy – Clinician’s signature

Cease Form Clinician signature Patient signature
Cease due to No Cervix Y N
Cease due to Age (not automatic had abnormalities) Y N
Cease due to Mental Capacity Act Y N
Cease due to Informed Choice N Y
Cease due to Radiotherapy Y N


Important update - redirecting confidential patient information
Many items of mail that are sent in error to GPs - up to 10,000 each month - are being forwarded to PCSE rather than returned to original sender, as they should be.
Errors in the management of this NHS correspondence — such as test results and clinical notes, child protection notes, treatment plans and changes to patients’ medication regimes — expose patients to a risk of harm and disclosure of confidential information.
  1. If you receive correspondence which refers to a patient who is no longer registered with your practice and has re-registered elsewhere, or who has never been registered with your practice, return the items directly to the provider they came from as soon as possible using appropriate means.
  2. If the misdirected correspondence arrives at your practice electronically it should be returned to the original sender of the email, complete with any attachments, with advice that the patient is not registered at your practice and the correspondence must be re-directed.
On receipt, in both instances, the original sender of the correspondence – usually the NHS provider - is expected to track down the correct destination for the correspondence and update its own database to avoid further errors. NHS providers can access GP registration for every patient.
  1. If your practice receives correspondence in error which concerns safeguarding information, (for example about children at risk or vulnerable adults from a local authority) you must send it to the PCSE central postal address: Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN via a secure route such as signed for delivery.
  2. If you receive clinical correspondence referring to a former patient of your practice who has died or is de-registered and your practice has returned the main record to PCSE, ALL types of correspondence listed above referring to that former patient must be moved to PCSE using the tracked record service as outlined in the advice on the PCSE website:       https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/services/gp-records
  3. If you have a record or additional notes for a patient who is no longer registered at your practice, you can request a movement for these via https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/services/gp-records/ Please go to the Records section of PCSE Online to request a movement and complete the information required. A label for the record/additional notes movement will be delivered on your usual courier visit. 
If you need to post anything back to PCSE it MUST go to the central postal address: Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN.
Please do not send anything to primary care support local offices as these are now closed. Items which are sent to closed locations are in breach of Information Governance requirements which will require investigation and possible reporting to the Information Commissioner

Best wishes,
Primary Care Support England