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GP Bulletin - 2018 December

This bulletin has been emailed to the main contact we hold at your practice only.  Please share with colleagues in your practice.

In this bulletin, you will find updates on:

Medical Records
Christmas and New Year CitySprint collections and deliveries
Open Exeter – Keeping your email addresses updated
Looking forward to 2019:  Latest on transformation
Round-up of GP service changes and improvements in 2018
National Engagement Team – Update
Customer Support Centre (CSC) opening hours

Medical Records
New urgent medical record request form now live

A new online form for requesting urgent medical records is now available on the Urgent Medical Record Request page within the GP Records section of the PCSE website here.
Following the successful introduction of the new form, the paper form will be phased out.

From January 2019, all requests for urgent medical records will need to be submitted using the new online form.

Benefits of the new form:

  • Quicker and easier to complete
  • Information validated as form is completed, minimising chance of form being returned
  • Request routed straight to the team to process
  • On submission, you’ll receive an email notification confirming that the request has been received, with a case reference number which can be used to follow up on the case if required.

Please note that only contacts registered with PCSE will be able to submit urgent medical record requests using the new form. In order to become a registered contact, the main contact we hold for your organisation can register you on PCSE Online via the ‘User Management’ section. Further information about becoming a registered contact with PCSE can be found here.

Returning medical record sacks and boxes to CitySprint
The sacks used to deliver medical records have been designed to be re-used. When you receive a bag, please open it by cutting the plastic security tag holding the bag together at the top and return to your CitySprint courier on your next collection and delivery day.

If you have any large plastic boxes, please also return these to CitySprint when they visit your practice.

Re-directing confidential patient information

Please only use the medical record shipping bags to transfer patient medical records. The shipping bags should not be used to transfer other patient correspondence to PCSE.
Please click
here to read the correct process to follow for redirecting confidential patient information.

Reminder: What to do if you receive a record you were not expecting
If you receive a record you were not expecting, please log in to PCSE Online and click on ‘Track your records’. Click on ‘Request movement’ and complete the information requested. CitySprint will then deliver a label for the record in due course.

Medical Records Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) booklet
At the end of October, your practice should have received a new FAQ booklet with your medical records collection and delivery.
The booklet has been produced to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions received since the introduction of the new track and trace medical records movement service. It also includes an overview of the records movement process and a detachable poster which details the instances when a full patient record should be printed before transfer. Please display the poster in your practice’s record administration areas for easy reference.
We hope you find it useful. An electronic copy of the flyer can be accessed 
Patient updates for medical record access requests
Please note: When a practice requests access to a patient’s medical record, we are only able to provide updates on the access request to the practice, not the patient.
If a patient requests an update, please call us on 0333 014 2884, quoting the case reference number.
Christmas and New Year CitySprint collections and deliveries

There will be no supplies deliveries or medical records collections / deliveries during week commencing 24 December.

Your last CitySprint visit in 2018 will happen as usual during week commencing 17 December.
During the week commencing 31 December, collections and deliveries will take place as follows:


If your usual collection/delivery day for week commencing 31 December would be: Your collection and delivery day for this week will be:
Tuesday 1 January Wednesday 2 January
Wednesday 2 January Thursday 3 January
Thursday 3 January Friday 4 January
Friday 4 January Monday 7 January

Collections and deliveries will return to your normal day of the week from the week commencing 7 January.

Please also note that print supplier Xerox have informed us that they will not be processing any personalised prescription pads from 14th December until the New Year. Any personalised order placed after 13th December will be ordered, but will not be shipped into our service centres by Xerox until the new year.

Please take this information into account when ordering supplies for this period.

If an urgent order of supplies is required during the Christmas period, requests can be processed on the non-bank holiday days.

Removal of DS1500 form from supplies catalogue
NHS England has advised PCSE that form DS1500 is being removed from the PCSE supplies catalogue. Form DS1500 is completed by a GP, consultant, hospital doctor or specialist nurse, and enables someone who is terminally ill to claim Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance or Incapacity Benefit.
From 7 December 2018, practices will no longer be able to order this form from PCSE. Orders of this form can be requested from DWP by emailing
Keeping your practice Open Exeter contact email addresses up to date 
It is important that your practice keeps your contact email addresses on Open Exeter up to date.  The email addresses are used by NHS England to send your practice important notifications, including Cervical Screening prior notification lists.
How to check that your practice email addresses are up to date
Your practice primary contact for Open Exeter can view the email addresses registered for each service in the ‘Organisation Maintenance’ section of Open Exeter by selecting ‘View OO screen Settings’.
Up to date email addresses should be provided to receive important notifications regarding the following services:
·         Cervical Screening (up to two email addresses can be added)
·         GP Statements (one email address can be added)
·         Childhood immunisation lists (up to two email addresses can be added)

Please check the email addresses to see if they are still current. If any need to be updated, please email
pcse.openexeter@nhs.net, stating you would like to update one or more of your Open Exeter email addresses.
In your email please include:

  • Your name
  • Your ODS/Practice code (if you do not know this please contact the Exeter Helpdesk on 0300 3034 034 or e-mail: exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net)
  • The email addresses you would like to update on Open Exeter and the service(s) they relate to

It is advised to use generic email addresses, so that access to mailboxes can be maintained when members of staff leave the practice.
If you do not know who your primary contact for Open Exeter is, or if they are not available to update the details, the PCSE Open Exeter team can accept email address updates from other practice contacts providing they are sent from an nhs.net email address.

Round-up of GP service changes and improvements in 2018

As we approach the end of 2018, PCSE wanted to take the opportunity to look back at the improvements made in our services to GPs over the past year, which have been implemented based on your feedback.

Early this year, PCSE completed the roll-out of the new medical records movement service which is now transferring records directly and securely between practices and into storage. The new service has embedded well, and more than 99% of records are now delivered to the new practice within 12 days of being released from the previous GP practice.

A new online contact form for all GP payment and pensions queries was introduced late in 2017, and in 2018, 80% of practitioners and practices used the new online form to submit their end of year pension documentation. This is the highest volume of forms we have received by the deadline since taking on the contract.
We’ve also seen improvements in the time taken to process performer change requests, and all 2018 medical applications to join the National Performers List were processed within agreed timescales where full and accurate information was provided.

In October, a new online form for urgent medical record requests was introduced, making the process of requesting the record easier for the practice, and providing a case reference number which can used to track the request if needed.
Improvements have also been made in the training provided and information given to our call centre agents, to ensure they can respond to your queries efficiently – currently, around 79% of all calls are resolved at first contact.
We have also been building better relationships with suppliers to monitor progress when stocks are low or unavailable, so we are able to keep customers up to date on stock availability.
We hope you agree that improvements have been seen across the services.  We are looking to further enhance what we do through our transformation programme in 2019.

Looking forward to 2019:  Latest on transformation

In 2019, as part of the service transformation programme, PCSE Online will provide applicants to the Performers List with a new, simple way of submitting and tracking applications. Performers will also submit all change notifications electronically via PCSE Online.

Further information, including the many benefits the new process will offer can be accessed
The process of transforming the Performers List service has involved extensive testing and engagement with stakeholders and end users. This has provided PCSE with feedback to make a number of improvements prior to launching the new services which will help to ensure the experience for the people using them will be as smooth as possible.
We’re currently building and planning in some final enhancements which have been suggested by our stakeholders. Once the system is tested, we’ll be in touch to let you know when it’s ready to use and how to gain access.

National Engagement Team – Update
Following a review of our stakeholder engagement strategy and feedback from stakeholders, PCSE has made some changes to the structure and focus of the National Engagement Team.
What’s new?
The team will:

  • Change focus, with teams aligned to customer groups: GPs, dentists, opticians, pharmacies, or the screening community, rather than being aligned to regions
  • Focus on building closer relationships with local stakeholder groups, including Local Medical Committees, CCGs, NHS England local teams. We’ll work with these stakeholder groups to help ensure our communications and service updates reach as broad an audience as possible
  • Take a consistent approach to finding and attending national and regional events, to provide updates on PCSE services and gather your feedback.

Further information about the team can be found here:
Contacting PCSE
Whilst the engagement team are here to attend meetings and events, please continue to contact PCSE with queries by either:

  • Calling the PCSE Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884 (open from 8:00-17:00, Monday to Friday), or
  • Clicking here to send us an enquiry via our online form.

Your query can then be properly logged, tracked and get to the right team as quickly as possible.
If you need to follow up on a query, please quote the case reference number to help us quickly identify it.
You can also try our online help for answers to the most
frequently asked questions from our customers.

Customer Support Centre (CSC) opening hours over the festive period

The normal opening hours for the Customer Support Centre are:
08.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday.

Over the Christmas period the contact centre will be open as usual with the exception of Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 December 2018 and Tuesday 1 January 2018, when we are closed for the bank holidays.

Best wishes,
Primary Care Support England