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GP payments and pensions update - 2018 February

This bulletin contains updates on the following:

End of year pension administration reminder
Performer list changes – pension adjustments
Direct Enhanced Services claims
Reimbursements of salaries, expenses and trainer grants for GP trainees


IMPORTANT INFORMATION - End of year pension administration
There are now two weeks until the deadlines for submitting annual pension forms.
The deadline for practitioners to submit their Annual Certificates or Self-Assessment forms is 28th February 2018
The deadline for GP practices to submit their Estimate of GP (and non-GP) Providers NHS Pensionable Profits/ Pay form to PCSE is 1 March 2018.
You can download a pensions administrations timeline here.
For further information and guidance on submitting forms, please click here.


Performer list changes – pension adjustments
Following an approved change to a performer’s status or circumstance, PCSE will then make any necessary pension adjustments for the leaving and joining practices.
In order to speed up the processing of pension adjustments, NHS England has confirmed that PCSE will no longer need to contact practices to determine if there have been any salary changes, and we should use the latest salary we hold, or the national average if we do not hold one.
If a performer at your practice has had a salary change, please let us know by updating your
practice annual estimate. You can submit this online and any further adjustments will be made when this is processed. Alternatively, you can wait until the annual documentation is due, and submit the actual earnings via a Type 1 / 2 annual earnings form.

Submitting Direct Enhanced Services claims via Open Exeter – change from 1 April 2018
Practices in the Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas currently submit claims for Financial Job DESE (Direct Enhanced Services) via Open Exeter. 
NHS England has confirmed that from 1 April 2018, practices in these areas should no longer claim these payments through Open Exeter. Practices in these areas should contact their NHS England local team or delegated CCG to confirm how these claims should be processed from April. If you require any guidance or support with this, please speak to your NHS local area team.

Reimbursements of salaries, expenses and trainer grants for GP trainees
PCSE is responsible for the reimbursements of salaries, expenses and trainer grants for GP trainees in non-lead employer areas only i.e. Yorkshire & Humber, Thames Valley and Wessex.
Please see the
guidance available for practices in non-lead employer areas on the process to follow for trainee reimbursements.
Practices in non-lead employer areas who have submitted the relevant forms for the February 2018 intake of GP trainees can be reimbursed once PCSE receives the approved list from Health Education England of trainees and their associated practice.

Contacting PCSE
To make it simpler for practices to know who to contact in PCSE for what, an enquiry form is available on the PCSE website: https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/contact-us.
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