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GP bulletin - 2018 June

In this bulletin, you will find updates on:

How to notify PCSE of a change to practice details
GP payments and pensions - reminders
Coming soon: New online form for all urgent medical record requests
Planned downtime of Exeter Systems
Registering blood and organ donors

Performers Lists
Notifying PCSE of a change of practice details
Please notify PCSE if there is a change to your practice:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Change of Contract Type e.g. PMS to GMS.

Notifying PCSE in addition to your CCG will ensure that we keep our records up to date and that there are no interruption to your payments, records or supplies services. 
Please send notification via the
online enquiries form. Select ‘Performers Lists’ as the subject enquiry type and put ‘Practice Change of Details’ in the subject box when prompted. You will also need to include your practice code. Please provide as much detail on the change as possible and the date the change is effective from.
These change notifications will be actioned within five days of receipt. If the effective date is in the future, the change will be actioned on or after that date.
GP Payments
Utility and rent reimbursements
PCSE is unable to approve payments for utility, rent or rates reimbursements.
Please send these claims directly to your NHS England local area team or delegated CCG. Once approved, your NHS England local team will instruct PCSE to pay the reimbursements. Please do not send any documentation regarding reimbursements directly to PCSE. Contact details for local teams can be accessed here. Contact details for CCGs can be accessed here.
End of year pension administration processing
All Type 1, Type 2 and estimates received by 28th February 2018 have been processed. Where pension records are accurate and up to date, the information will be reflected in Total Rewards Statements that are due to be issued in the summer by NHS Pensions.
Items received between 1st March and 30th April are currently being processed. Please do not send additional funds to cover any pension adjustments that may be required, these will be deducted from practice payments. Items received after 1st May will be processed in due course.

Pension administration for GP’s joining a practice
When a new GP joins your practice, it is important that you send an updated Estimate of Earnings to PCSE via the enquiries form. This will ensure that pension and seniority payments are as accurate and up to date as possible.
Medical Records
Coming soon: New online form for all urgent medical record requests
PCSE will soon be launching a new online form for urgent medical record requests. The form will be quicker and easier to complete and will ensure your request gets straight to the right team as quickly as possible to process.
When a request is submitted using the new form, users will receive an email confirming receipt along with a case reference number to use to follow-up if required.
Further information on when the new form will be available will be provided in the next GP bulletin.
Please note: an urgent medical record request should only be made for records required for clinically urgent purposes, or if the request is in relation to adoption; gender re-assignment; witness protection; or a safeguarding investigation.
How does the urgent record request work?
When PCSE receives an urgent medical record request, we arrange for the patient’s previous GP to fax or email the information to the new practice. We will also ask the previous practice to release the paper medical record in their next CitySprint collection. If the record is held at a storage facility we will contact them and ask them to release it to us. Once the record is received by PCSE, it will also be delivered to the practice in the usual way via CitySprint. Please note: this process does not move the paper record any quicker. 
Records for deceased patients should be requested via the medical records access request process which can be viewed
Planned downtime of Exeter systems
In November 2017, NHS Digital began a programme of work to carry out essential NHAIS server maintenance in 28 specific areas across England.
The final stage of this work is due to be completed over the weekend 23 - 24 June 2018.
The work will impact access to the Exeter system which will not be available for any screening administration tasks, including downloading the HMR101/5 form or viewing patient histories. 
The Exeter system will be unavailable in the areas listed below between the hours specified:

Planned Maintenance Date Areas Affected
23 June
Exeter will be unavailable between 8am and 9pm
Bradford (BRA)
Calderdale & Kirklees (YW)
Leeds (LDS)
Wakefield (WAK)
24 June
Exeter will be unavailable between 8am and 9pm
Avon/Bristol (BRS)
Somerset (SM)
Sheffield (SHE)
Barnsley (BAA)

Important information - Registering blood and organ donors
Through the Exeter system, NHS England have provided a facility to register potential blood and organ donors on National Health Application and Infrastructure Services (NHAIS) systems. Potential donors can register via the family doctor services registration form (GMS1). Practices can help to support blood and organ donation by inputting any outstanding registrations into Open Exeter. Further guidance on this is available
Did you know:

  • Although 80% of the population support organ donation there are around 5,900 people on the transplant waiting list and 3 people die every day due to a shortage of organ donors.
  • Over 6,000 daily blood donors help to keep the country going and one donation makes a massive difference to the people who receive it. Blood groups such as O negative and B negative are always in high demand, hence donors with these groups are especially important.

Contacting PCSE
Online form
To make it simpler for practices to know who to contact in PCSE for what, an enquiry form is available on the PCSE website: https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/contact-us/.

We would encourage practices to use this as the form contains all the required fields PCSE will need to process your query, and selecting the ‘type of enquiry’ ensures your query gets to the right team as quickly as possible. The form allows you to attach documents with your query.
Best wishes,
Primary Care Support England