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Optician's Bulletin - 2018 June

This edition has important updates about:

Avoiding rejected GOS claims
Submitting CET claims in 2018
Avoiding rejected GOS claims

To ensure GOS claims can be processed and avoid forms being rejected, LOCSU, NHS England and PCSE are working together to make sure the criteria for rejections is clear for both PCSE staff and contractors. 
The criteria for rejecting GOS claims has not changed but contractors are reminded to check all mandatory information is included on GOS claims before they are submitted and that the correct declaration is signed on sight test claims. 
Top 5 reasons GOS claims are rejected:  

  1. Date of last sight test is left blank on a GOS1 or GOS6.
  2. Contractors who are also Performers have signed a GOS1 or GOS6 in the Performer’s declaration section only, rather than the claim section at the bottom as specified on the form.
  3. Date of prescription missing on a GOS3.
  4. Values not entered in the relevant boxes in the claim section on a GOS3.
  5. In forms that have been signed by a patient’s parent/guardian/carer, they have not entered their name below their signature. 

Contractors are reminded that claim forms must be signed in all the relevant places and all signatures must be dated, otherwise the claim will be rejected. 
See best practice examples of GOS forms, which highlight the other mandatory fields and confirm what information is acceptable when completing certain fields.  




Guidance on “Filling and Signing GOS forms” can also be found in Section 5 of the Making Accurate Claims.
The process for submitting previously rejected forms is also available under the Ophthalmic Payments FAQs.

Submitting CET claims in 2018

The Department of Health & Social Care has confirmed the window for submitting 2018 CET claims is 2 July 2018 to 1 November 2018. 
A new process for submitting 2018 CET claims via the PCSE website has been agreed to ensure practices receive an acknowledgement when a claim has been received.  The subject of the acknowledgement will include the name of the performer that the CET is for, to help easily identify the claim.
Further details explaining the new process will be issued once the 2018 CET Claim Form has been published by the Department of Health & Social Care next week.   Guidance will also be available on the PCSE website.