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GP Bulletin - 2018 May

This bulletin has been emailed to the main contact we hold at your practice only.  Please share with colleagues in your practice, including your practitioners.

In this bulletin, you will find updates on:

Medical Records
Outstanding medical records – update
PCSE is working on a national project to help practices move outstanding requested medical records.
So far, tracking labels for requested records outstanding since 1st of April 2016 have been produced and delivered to practices in phases one and two of the national roll-out of the new records movement service (covering the North of England and East and West Midlands).
Practices in phase four (covering the South West) will receive tracking labels between 30 April and 2 July 2018 for outstanding records. Practices with larger numbers of records will be contacted by their local 
national engagement team (NET) representative to discuss how these can be moved.
Practices in phase three (covering the South East and London) will be advised on when to expect delivery of tracking labels for any outstanding records in due course.
Records outstanding prior to 1st of April 2016 are being assessed with NHS England for inclusion in this project, and further information will be provided shortly.  
Further information and FAQs on the project can be found 
Record movement information on PCSE Online
Following the successful roll-out of the new, track and trace records movement process, all new records movements can be tracked on PCSE Online.  
We are now planning to update PCSE Online with historical movement information. This work is due to be carried out over the summer and will ensure that the record movement information shown in the ‘Records’ section of PCSE Online is fully up to date. 
Until this work is complete, the record status on PCSE Online will not show a full picture of all records movements.
Practices will be informed once this work is complete.

GP Payments and Pensions
2017/18 end of year pension administration processing
All Type 1, Type 2 and estimates received by 28th February 2018 have been processed. Where pension records are accurate and up to date, the information will be reflected in Total Rewards Statements that are due to be issued in the summer by NHS Pensions.
Sending payments via Bacs/online banking
When making a payment by online banking for any locum or solo pension contributions, please ensure that the reference is entered in the following format:
Practice code – year ending – practitioners full name (For example: P82004YEND2017- DR John Smith). This will ensure that contributions are allocated quickly and accurately.

Pension administration for GP’s joining a practice
When a new GP joins your practice, it is important that you send an updated Estimate of Earnings to PCSE. This will ensure that pension and seniority payments are as accurate and up to date as possible.
Planned downtime of Exeter systems
In early November 2017, NHS Digital began a programme of work to carry out essential NHAIS server maintenance in 28 specific areas across England.
The work has been ongoing during 2018 and the final areas that will be affected in May are listed below. 
The work will impact access to the Exeter system and some PCSE services.
If your area is affected, the Exeter system will be unavailable for three days starting from 7pm on the start date until 12pm on the end date, when you will not be able to access the system for any screening administration tasks, including downloading the HMR101/5 form.  The downtime will also have a small impact on timescales for PCSE processing new patient registrations and de-registrations for practices.
The timetable below lists the areas that will be affected in May:


Area Start Finish
Suffolk 09/05/2018 11/05/2018
Bexley & Greenwich 14/05/2018 16/05/2018
Rotherham 16/05/2018 18/05/2018
Norfolk 21/05/2018 23/05/2018
Cornwall & Isles of Scilly 23/05/2018 25/05/2018

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Contacting PCSE
Online form
To make it simpler for practices to know who to contact in PCSE for what, an enquiry form is available here.
We would encourage practices to use this as the form contains all the required fields PCSE will need to process your query, and selecting the ‘type of enquiry’ ensures your query gets to the right team as quickly as possible.  
The form has recently been improved to enable you to attach documents with your query.
Best wishes,
Primary Care Support England