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Optician's Bulletin - 2018 May

Welcome to your latest edition of the optician’s bulletin from PCSE
In this edition you will find information on:

Online form for Pre-Visit Notifications 

As part of our ongoing commitment to create national, consistent services for all our users we are introducing an online form for Pre-Visit Notifications (PVNs).
The new, easy-to-use online form will soon be available on the PCSE website and is the quickest way to enter and submit a PVN to PCSE.
In order to complete the form, the contractor will need to provide the same details currently required in a PVN and the following additional information: 

  • ODS code (also known as TP code) – if you do not know the ODS code for your practice you should contact the Exeter Helpdesk on 0300 3034 034 or E-mail: exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net
  • PCT code (this should be the same code that appears on the associated GOS6 claim)
  • Contractor code

        Please note: The PCT code and Contractor code can be found in the two boxes on the top right         corner of your GOS submission headers e.g. 5C5 121

When all the details have been correctly completed the form will be available to review, save and print as a pdf for future reference before it is submitted.

The sender will then receive an acknowledgment email with a unique case reference number which should be quoted in any correspondence about the PVN.
The new forms will ensure PCSE has all the information needed on a PVN to process the associated GOS 6 claim efficiently.
The online form will also allow for substitutions and amendments to be made.
The new online form will be made available soon on the Ophthalmic Payments service pages of the PCSE website. 
In future, all practices signed up to use PCSE Online for electronic GOS submissions will also be able to send PVNs on that system.  

Reminder to register your practice(s) with PCSE online
You need to register your practice with PCSE Online to enable you to contact PCSE with queries and to ensure you receive regular communications and updates from us.
For data security reasons, PCSE can only respond to email or phone queries from people who have registered to use PCSE Online (which has also been referred to as the ‘PCSE Portal’).
Online registration enables PCSE to carry out the necessary identification and verification checks – and ensures we only respond to authorised contacts in your practice. 
If your practice is already registered on PCSE Online, the main contact/super user will be able to add or amend additional users in your practice.  We would encourage you to check the named contacts that are currently included under your practice registration and update accordingly.
Please note, if you have more than one practice you need to register each practice separately.  
For more information about PCSE Online, including how to add or amend users in your practice, please visit www.pcse.england.nhs.uk/help


  New electronic GOS submissions and online statements
NHS England and Primary Care Support England are introducing easy-to-use digital services for Ophthalmic Payments.  There will be two options for moving to electronic ways of working:

  1. PCSE Online is a web-based option for submitting GOS forms.  Users can simply log on to the secure area of the PCSE website, select the appropriate GOS form and complete the necessary details. The claims will be validated in real time, flagging up any errors or omissions before the form can be submitted. 
  2. eGOS is an option for opticians who use Practice Management Systems (PMS).  PCSE is working with PMS providers and the large multiples to enable GOS claims to be submitted electronically*.

The new services will bring a number of benefits including greater accuracy of payments.
Electronic submissions will also remove the need to post and process forms meaning they can be submitted closer to the payment date.
Online submissions will:

  • Offer a more secure way of submitting claims
  • Reduce the number of rejected claims caused by incomplete or missing information
  • Give greater visibility to track and trace claims online
  • Provide more detailed statements at the click of a button
  • Simplify the reconciliation process
  • Remove the need to post and manually process claims
  • Reduce postage costs
  • Be more environmentally friendly

What do you need to do?

For contractors choosing to use PCSE Online, we will be writing out to practices to ask them to confirm their Ophthalmic Claims User Administrator for the new online services.

The practice manager will need to take action to confirm who the appropriate User Administrator(s) should be. They will be responsible for setting up and assigning staff access for: 

  • Submitting GOS claims
  • Tracking the status of claims
  • Viewing statements

 * Practices and stores who use Practice Management Systems (PMS) should speak to their PMS provider to find out more about their plans to roll out eGOS on their systems.   Staff from the optical chains should contact their head office to find out more information.
To find out more about electronic GOS submissions and watch a short animation about the benefits, please visit the What’s Changing section of the PCSE website.

Contacting NHS Shared Business Services to request remittance advice notes
PCSE have received enquires from contractors requesting copies of the remittance advice note that relates to their GOS payment. PCSE issue GOS statements but remittance advice notes are issued by NHS Shared Business Services (SBS).
Contractors are advised to check they have an email remittance address registered with NHS SBS linked to their supplier account. To register or change an email address with NHS SBS, you should submit your details on headed paper to SBS-W.APMaintenance@nhs.net
For general enquiries regarding remittance advice notes you should contact SBS-W.Payables@nhs.net or telephone 0303 123 1177 (option 2).  

Responding to your queries

We are currently responding to a higher volume of queries than usual and we are working through them as quickly as possible.
PCSE has recently introduced additional quality control checks in our payments processes to improve the accuracy of payments.  The extra quality checks have added time to the process. Further resource is being put in place to help ensure the quality improvements do not continue to impact on payment dates, and statements and returns bring processed.   
We will respond to queries as swiftly as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Reminder to send duplicate batch headers

To ensure we can process your claims as efficiently as possible please could we remind you to submit GOS claim forms with TWO copies of the tailored submission header. 

Both copies should be attached to each batch of GOS claims. One copy will be returned to you to assist with the reconciliation of payments.

All your GOS forms should be sent by the agreed submission dates to the Darlington address below.  

Primary Care Support England

PO Box 350



Contact details for primary care support services

Some correspondence for PCSE is still being received by the previous NHS England PCS sites and these will start to be returned to sender.  To ensure your queries and requests can be processed as efficiently as possible, please can you ensure colleagues in your practice are aware of the contact details to use, which can be found on the Contact Us section of the PCSE website.

New standard processes for second pair and non-tolerance applications

As of the 23 April 2018, all applications for second pair and non-tolerance vouchers must be sent to your NHS England Regional Local Team (RLT) using the new standard national templates.

Any applications sent to PCSE after 23 April  will be returned to the contractor with the advice that they need to be submitted to the RLT.

How to apply for a second pair or non-tolerance voucher:

1. Complete the relevant voucher application form on the patient’s behalf.
2. Submit the completed form to the NHS England RLT by secure email if you have an nhs.net account, encrypted email or by fax or post. See here for RLT contact details
3. The RLT will normally notify you of their decision within one week.
4. Once you have received a decision from the RLT you must retain a copy of the application form for your records for post payment verification purposes.
5. If the application has been approved, you should submit a GOS3 to PCSE.

More detailed guidance about the criteria for these applications can be found here.
Best wishes
Primary Care Support England