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The new online Performers List service has now launched

We have now launched a new online service to help you better manage the process for Performers joining or leaving your practice, and for Performers who are changing their status or circumstance.

This service enables:

  • GP Practices to approve Performers leaving and joining their practice
  • Performers to submit and track changes to their details on the Performers List, such as a change of address or name
  • New applicants the ability to apply to join the Performers List for England electronically

What you need to know
We have recently sent your CQC Registered Manager a letter containing a unique access code and instructions to set up your User Administrators so that your practice can use the new services on PCSE Online.
Thank you to everyone who has registered their User Administrators so far. Once these users have been validated and uploaded, they will receive an email confirming their new role.
If you haven’t already done so, please do register your User Administrators as soon as possible, so that practice staff can access the system and performers’ status updates can be processed.
If your CQC Registered Manager hasn’t received a letter please let us know by simply emailing us at pcse.user-registration@nhs.net one of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

User Administrators are responsible for:

  • Setting up all other user types
  • Assigning the ‘Performer List Practice Manager)’ role(s) who will be able to approve leaving and joining GPs using PCSE Online

Performers on PCSE Online
Over the next few weeks we will be registering GPs automatically on PCSE Online. All they need to do is verify their account. This can be done simply by clicking on the link sent to them by PCSE within 72 hours of receiving it. If the link has expired, they can use the ‘Forgotten your login details?’ button on the PCSE Online home page.

We will be contacting all existing GPs using the email address registered with the GMC to provide them with their unique user registration details for PCSE Online.

Please ensure that GPs within your practice have an email registered with the GMC, if they haven’t, there are three ways to add a GMC email address:

  • Log into their GMC Online account and update this in the ‘My details’ section
  • Send an email to gmc@gmc-uk.org (if this is sent from the new email address the GP will be asked security questions to verify their identity)
  • The GP can call the GMC call centre on 0161 923 6602

NPL2 and NPL3 forms submitted before you’ve been registered to use our new services.
Before we have registered your practice and performers to use our new online services you can continue to submit NPL2 and NPL3 forms - we will process them as usual. Once we have registered your practice and performers to use our new online services, please submit all changes to circumstance and status via PCSE Online.
Available Support
We have produced a number of useful guides to help you when using PCSE Online for Performer List administration:

  • A quick guide for Practice Managers; includes a step by step guide for approving leaving and joining Performers
  • Performer management guide; a guide for Performers when changing their circumstances or status
  • User management guide; this guide provides information about the different roles and their functionality on PCSE Online
  • Quick guide for applicants; a short guide for Performers joining the performer list for the first time
  • Complete applicant guide; everything new applicants need to know when applying to join the Performers List on PCSE Online

Click here to access the guides.

PCSE Online queries
If you have any further queries about the new online processes, please take a look at our Performers Lists pages on the website, or use the online form and select Performers List, or contact our Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884. 

Best Wishes,

Primary Care Support England (PCSE)

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